Game 140: Reds at Orioles

Now this is a lineup I wouldn’t have predicted to see posted when this season started…

Bourgeois 8
Santiago 4
Frazier 5
Mesoraco DH
Lutz 7
Rodriguez 9
Hannahan 3
Elmore 6
Barnhart 2

*This is the 109th different lineup used by the Reds this season.

*Yorman Rodriguez will be making his MLB debut.


I like it! Find out what you have. !

It definitely couldn’t hurt to try to get something different a look and see. Either way lets get a win and try to finish out with a respectable month of September.

Ditto !!!!

Nothing to lose. The regular lineup hasn’t been scoring anything. You can’t go below zero!

This line-up courtesy of the gm and staff prey for it

Finally, breaking the mold and doing something totally different. I’m actually looking forward to watching and LISTENING to game even though I know it;s going to be Thom. I don’t necessarily think it will be pretty, but it will be different. The fact that Price is using so many in the same game is a statement of how angry he is with the lack of production of the regulars. Way to go Price, it’s about time.

I am with strong. going to watch this one.

Poor Michael Leake. They should have started Trevino with this lineup. Although this line up can not do much worse than the line the last couple of night. Who knows maybe this should be their line up the rest of way.

This is exciting ! I have been a critic of Price ,as you all know ,so I commend on this lineup ! Let the new ones play !!!!

Agree, except they need to play Hamilton. He deserves to earn ROY. Won’t do it unless he plays.

Well, they can’t do much worse than the zero runs per game that the regular lineup has been giving us! Is it an improvement if they get a hit before the 4th inning?


I just heard Price say that this lineup of rookies won’t be used against teams going for the place in the play-oof and I’m not sure this is in the best interests of the reds organization. Can’t believe this attitude.

i say before the season is over.. Price is totally grey haired or bald from the stress..

Pressure is on. As of now , the Reds have scored 6 runs! Who wants to bet Price goes back to the non productive regulars tomorrow ?

Didn’t have to wait until tomorrow. Went with Parra instead of Kendrick, went with LeCure instead of Corcino or Contreras. It was fun seeing some base hits.

Can’t have consistency playing 109 lineups. Nothing says, “I have little to no confidence in you” like benching player or moving him in different positions in the field or in the batting order. Dusty seemed to go too long and Price doesn’t seem to give enough time. But my money is on the Reds for 2015!

If the Reds don’t make some major changes between now and 2015 , they will finish in last place next year. !!!

NY Mets now tied with Reds in wild card standings. Philly 1 behind. Cubs 2 behind.

Also went with Heisey instead of Lutz. How did that turn out ?

Mesoraco had 4 hits. Wonder if he’ll play today .

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