Price supports slumping Phillips

Entering Wednesday’s game, Reds 2B Brandon Phillips was on a 0-for-16 stretch and batting only .148 (8-for-54) since returning from the disabled list after surgery for a torn ligament in his left thumb.

That’s not exactly the production the Reds were hoping for when Phillips returned ahead of schedule after he missed 33 games on the DL.

“I think it all comes down to the inactivity, I don’t think there’s any question,” Reds manager Bryan Price said on Wednesday. “You take six weeks off and he jumps right back in like he did. That’s on us, he wanted — we knew Brandon wanted to play, but that was in large part our willingness organizationally and my willingness as a manager to say yes. Sure, come on back, you played three games after six weeks, come on back.

“We’re in a situation where our season was sitting there in the balance and we needed him. I was willing to take the risk that he might be ineffective when he came back, initially, swinging the bat. I love how he’s invested, I really do.”


B.P. defines “GAMER”…Thank you Brandon

Personally I would prefer a 2Bman that was actually helping the team. Not someone whose ego thinks the team can’t do without him even when he can’t perform.

Cubs are coming and I bet they go past the Reds and the Reds will be in last place.. If heads dont roll, they are ok with it!!! THAT will not be ok to me as a Reds fan!!.. If you talk about Championships.. NOT division, But World Series Championships!!! Then sell the team to a owner that backs up what he says and gets this town what fans want!! Mark Cuban has the money and HATES to loose.. That is ok by me.. The Reds ownership shouldnt be om with this. “A small Window” is NOT want I want to hear.. The window is shrinking to 1982-83 Reds offense. And that Will Not win anything!! and not sell tickets!!

If Reds lose tomorrow, the Mets will move into a tie with the Reds in the wild card race. It’s mind blowing, this total post AS collapse. If the Cubs keep playing as well as they have since AS break and the Reds continue as they have, we will end up in last place in the Central. If that happens and people want to blame it on injuries they can. But I think the issues are way deeper than that.

The best way to let Castilini and company know our frustration is to stay away from GABP !!!! As long as fans show up , little if any change will take place . People who say they know Castilini say he hates to lose. We’ll ,he better get used to it if he doesn’t have the guts to make changes. This organization has done NOTHING to improve the product on the field the past two seasons. In a division of aggressive owners , the Reds passive approach will find them in LAST place !!!!

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After reading and rereading this post, it makes me realize how dysfunctional this organization is. BP insists on coming back too soon. Instead of telling him to take additional games on assignment (should have been at AAA not low A), they tell him to come back. Price said they needed him. No, they needed him productive not taking up space. As Price said he was willing to risk him being ineffective because how invested BP is. If BP was truly committed to the good of the team and not his ego, he would have realized he wasn’t ready to make a contribution. I guess the question is who is running this team?

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