Game 139: Reds at Orioles

Hamilton 8
Frazier 3
Phillips 4
Mesoraco 2
Bruce 9
Ludwick DH
Schumaker 7
Negron 5
Santiago 6

Axelrod 1


Pulling for Axelrod to have 3rd good game in a row. Also, hoping the offense can string some hits together to make the game interesting to watch. Last night we get 4 runs on 1 hit and thats it. Previous night 2 HRs by Heisey for 3 runs and thats it. A very boring team to watch. Last night Orioles get 5 singles and 4 runs. Rather watch that than the one swing of the bat offense.

if you are not going to play the new guys… why bring them up?
ludwick… what are the chances we pay him $9 million next year. I know people say that if you stiff these guys at the end… guys won’t sign here,,, but I think that is bull.
does schumaker have another year… or is this it? can’t remember.
why not play frazier at 3rd… lutz at first and see if Negron can play left… see if you can find a spot for a bench bat. why make multiple guys play out of position?
I have no problems with the other guys… see if bruce can get untracked.. but if a guy is not going to help us next year… its time to move on

Here is the answer I received from HoosierVirg yesterday:

“All teams who play contenders in September put their best team on the field. It is an unwritten law in baseball has been forever. If you don’t and then the next September the situation is reversed it has a tendency to come back and bite you. Opposing teams don’t forget that they remember. The minors are for testing players not the majors during a pennant run. We play the Cubs Houston somebody like that then you play the Lutz’s etc.”

I said it made sense to me. But I don’t like it. I guess a “break the mold” kind of guy.

also do not understand why partch didn’t get called up. I mean what else could he do? pitch hoover… see if he got straightened out at all.

Price said they didn’t bring Partch up so they would have the opportunity to see what Corcino, Contreras, and Dennick could do. That’s all well and good, but Dennick will get his opportunities as LHP instead of only Parra. Should have left Hoover out and brought up Partch who did the job the few times he was used. Hoover needed to sit it out and work on his control issues over the offseason, not in game situations. Seen enough of him to last me regardless of what he does the rest of this year.

I agree with everything that was said . I remember a few years ago they wanted to try Yonder Alonzo in left field. He got a minimal amount of playing time and it was decided he couldn’t do it . The Reds were under the illusion they were still in the hunt. Not unlike this year . I really don’t think they have a plan .

How many games have the Reds gone into the 4th or 5 the inning this year without a hit? Seems like a lot .

Price is totally afraid of the troops, this team has lost their desire because they know the leader is not the one that will succeed

They are definetly in a state of disarray. We make every pitcher we face look like a Cy Young candidate.

Can’t believe 3B coach didn’t send Ludwick. LFer wasn’t charging hard, ball dying in the grass and I think the throw would have gone to 2B. Smith has got to be the worst 3B coach I have ever seen.

This whole organization is in disarray! I don’t think they know what to do ! I agree about Smith. I believe Castillini is too loyal to Jocetty . I’m also tired of signing has been Cardinal players. There is a reason why the Cardinals got rid of them . If Castillini hates to lose , he needs to make some major changes. Either that or get used to last place because every team in the division has a brighter future than the Reds do!!!!!

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