10 September call-ups

The Reds will add 10 players to the big league roster now that rosters can expand for September.

Recalled from Triple-A Louisville:

RHP Carlos Contreras (#53)
RHP Daniel Corcino (#64)
IF/OF Jake Elmore (#15)
LHP David Holmberg (#36)
RHP J.J. Hoover (#60)
C Tucker Barnhart (#16)
1B/OF Donald Lutz (#23)

Recalled from Double-A Pensacola:

OF Yorman Rodriguez (#33)

Contracts selected from Louisville:

OF Jason Bourgeois (#30)
LHP Ryan Dennick (#41)

Moved to the 60-day disabled list: RHP Homer Bailey. That means that Bailey’s season is over after he went on the 15-day DL Aug. 16 with a flexor mass strain in his right forearm, and hasn’t pitched since Aug. 7.


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Interesting omission: Neftali Soto not called up, despite a good season at AAA.

I was thinking the same thing. I wonder why the snub there unless he is injured. I think Louisville’s season is almost done as well.

He should fit right in then!

Can’t hit squat in the bigs, he is clueless!!

He should fit right I. If he can’t hit then!!


Another interesting omission: Curtis Partch not called up for September, despite being called up six times during the season!

Those decisions seem to follow right along side with all others made this year. Sure hope any off season changes will bring back some pride and hope for the Reds.

At least we get Hoover and Holmberg back. I’m sure they have reengineered themselves in the last 2-3 weeks.

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jj whothefker is back. any bets on how long before he loses a game

Fire Dusty Baker! Whoops I forgot we already did. Now what Walt?

Fire Walt Jocketty!!! They should have let him go to Arizona. He’s the one in charge of this mess of a roster.

Was hoping to see Iglesias the new cuban pitcher called up and shocked Holmberg and Hoover is back,

What’s the difference between being called up and contracts selected…

Slight difference…if a player is “called up”, he is already on the 40 man roster. If his
“contract is purchased” he was not on the 40 man roster. All legalese relative to MLB and it’s rules.

Hey why can other small market teams win and the Reds can’t? I am no baseball expert so I won’t criticize anyone but losing over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over and over again sure gets tiresome. No World Series appearance in 24 years I think. No serious play off appearance in years as well. Just saying!

I was hoping they called up/purchased outfielder Felix Perez and see what he could do. Not excited to see most of what failed like Hoover and Holmberg!!!

Does seem like a waste of 2 spots.

Blahhh, really nothing in AAA. The only wild card or hope is some kind of emergence of Yorman Rodriguez. All the apparent tools but nothing yet. Would love for him to be a LF answer.

Dusty Price’s laptop picked all the call ups.

why bother with call ups? it is not like they will play any of them or give them any consistent playing time if they do. why bring back lutz? didn’t he master how to stay glued to the bench when he was called up earlier? the best thing for the reds and these guys futures is to play lutz in left everyday for the rest of the year and Yorman Rodriguez in right the rest of the season and see what they can do. we already know what luddy and skippy give you in left and and after the year Bruce has had just shut him down for the rest of the season. it’s not as if the rookie could do any worse. and why bring Contreas back up? unless they plan on using him more than they did the first time around what’s the point? you can’t tell if a guy is any good when you do not use him for 10 days then send him back out 2 days in a row. they would rather stick with hovver and his blow every game he is brought into instead of giving this kid a legit chance.holmberg? really? haven’t they seen enough of this guy to tell he has no future in the big leagues?

You tell it like it is. Bruce has had 5 months to do his thing. Let someone else have 1.

Metal head….MLB…Protocol:
If team is out of the hunt in Sept…..and playing against a team still in contention….. YOU play your most competitive line-up….. Like it or not this is called being Professional…..

Likewise a fictional Sept match up between Chicago Cubs and say….the Houston Astros this year….. Now This could be considered a “Futures game or Series”……

Why is Jay Bruce playing then ?

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