Lineup maximizing matchups

It’s currently raining, a lot, here at PNC Park and the tarp is on the field. It’s not a new phenomenon at all to have a rain and the threat of a delay in Pittsburgh — which is the most underrated on the list of rainy cities in America.

No word yet on delays, etc. One large issue is the Reds scheduled does not return them to Pittsburgh this season. The Pirates are not off Monday like the Reds, since they open a series with a Labor Day afternoon game at St. Louis, so that’s out for a makeup. I imagine we shall be here a while.

In today’s Reds lineup, both Jay Bruce and Zack Cozart are out and Chris Heisey and Ramon Santiago are in. Brayan Pena is behind the plate as he usually is for a Johnny Cueto start. As for Bruce and Cozart, they’re sitting because of the match-up vs. LHP Francisco Liriano.

“We have some guys in there with some success,” manager Bryan Price said.

Bruce is 1-for-19 with seven strikeouts vs. Liriano.
Cozart is 3-for-19 with one homer.
Heisey is 4-for-10 with one homer.
Santiago is 3-for-10.

Small sample sizes, I know.

September call-ups will be announced Monday or before Tuesday’s game at Baltimore. Triple-A Louisville has its final game on Monday.

“I don’t think all the players know at this point in time,” Price said.


Small sample size is correct, but evidently it’s enough for Price to keep the top 2 BAs over the last 7 games on the bench. But since the Reds have no trouble scoring runs, why would you need your hot bats in the lineup.

I think Dusty Price uses the computer so much because he has no baseball sense. That way he can blame the Reds’ terrible performance on his handy dandy laptop . Jay Bruce on the bench isn’t a great loss anyway. He’d strike against a little league pitcher.

Broxton to Brewers according to report.

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