Broxton traded to Brewers

The Reds traded right-handed set-up man Jonathan Broxton to the Brewers on Sunday for two players to be named.

Sunday was the deadline for teams to acquire players that can be eligible for postseason rosters. Milwaukee is currently leading the National League Central division but struggling of late and in need of bullpen help to set up for closer Francisco Rodriguez.

The 30-year-old Broxton is 4-2 with a 1.86 ERA in 51 appearances. He has stranded 10 of his 14 inherited runners and has kept the opponent scoreless in 43 games.

Broxton has struggled some recently, however. In his last seven games, totaling 6 1/3 innings, he has allowed five earned runs 11 hits and four walks. That included giving up two runs and three hits in his final appearance for the Reds on Friday and taking the loss in a 2-1 defeat to the Pirates.

This is a move that could help the Reds with their off-season payroll flexibility amid carrying several large contracts. Broxton is owed $9 million for the 2015 season and had a $9 million club option for 2016 with a $1 million buyout.

A clause in his contract stipulated that Broxton’s option switches to a mutual option once traded with an additional $1 million added to the buyout.

We are still waiting for hear from Reds GM Walt Jocketty about the deal.

UPDATE: Read my story on with what Jocketty had to say.


Good move. Good salary dump . Now if they can get someone to Bruce .

Yep good move by the Brewers.

Bruce is well priced for his production and defense. Lets not always try and trade out superstars on a down year. Thank goodness none of us are the GM…

Jay Bruce , a superstar ? Really ?

Not a star. Even when he gets his 100 rbi or so he is very inconsistent. I wish they could trade him but they’re stuck with his dog of a contract.

This is off the the topic , but did George Grande come out of retirement ? I hope so . I really enjoy the way he calls a game .

Sure beats Thom.

Yes he does !

Plus another $1.5m for the remainder of this season. The move makes total sense.
Broxton was brought aboard when the Reds thought they would move Chapman from bullpen to starter. As that will never be the case, Broxton was and is expendable. Additionally, a lesser salaried bullpen pitcher can be obtained during the offseason.

Agree 100 percent Neb ! I know you don’t agree but I would still trade Bruce!

for what? Did you want to trade him last year when he had good numbers? Man if you would have gotten a lot in return then. But no lets trade him in his worst year, which he was injured no less.

They could still get a quality player for Bruce. There are a few teams that would take him. One more bad year , there won ‘t be. Unless he learns how to hit the ball to left field , he is done ! Plus they dump his salary ! Maybe a different organization could help him. (Ie Encarnacion , Stubbs. )

Jim, no I don’t. Bruce has had 6 good seasons, the last three with 30 or more HR and 97 or more RBI. His arm is superior and his fielding is above average. He’s only 27 and bats left handed; all great attributes to have. After one mediocre season I don’t think you jettison one of your key players that is just now coming into his prime; nor do I think the Reds have any intention of letting Bruce go either.
He is largely responsible for allowing the Reds to make the playoffs the last 3 of 4 seasons.

Thank you
Blog fantastic
Good luck

@bigblu. Agree about Bruce. If the decision is to trade Bruce, which I don’t have a problem with, it won’t be until the trade deadline next year and only if he is off to a decent season. Encouraged by the trade of Broxton. Seems to indicate a willingness to really do something to improve this ball club. Hope I’m right.

So do I Strong.

Neb. Stats show only part of the story! Bruce’s refusal to make adjustments at the plate is concerning. He has shown no improvment this year. You trade a player while his value is still good ‘

Also, Neb. I wouldn’t call his year mediocre. It ‘s terrible !!!!

Last I looked, the season isn’t over. Bruce has about 70-80 AB’s left and he is projected to score 76 R, 17 HR and 65 RBI. I would consider those numbers mediocre for Bruce; for many others in MLB they would be considered a bit more.
The reality for Bruce is that he needs to continue to make adjustments in order to improve his ABs, and based on Sheldon’s discussion with Bruce a few days ago, that is exactly what he is doing. Lastly, other than a few disgruntled fans, I have read absolutely nothing to infer or imply that the Reds are or would attempt to trade Bruce. And although he is a HR/RBI guy, he brings more to the game. No, I wouldn’t trade Bruce based on this years production, or lack thereof.

The trade of Broxton is purely a salary dump it does not improve the team in anyway in fact it weakens the back end of the bullpen which was the strong point of the bullpen. I will change my opinion if the two players are of good value but the Brewers farm system is not one of the strong ones in major-league baseball.

Agree. The Reds will put lipstick on it but it’s still a dump. Hope they can dump Ludwick too, but not sure who would want him with his price tag. The real test will be what the Reds do with the $$ saved.

Neb. It doesn’t matter what he does now . The season is over. That is why stats only tell part of the story. He did not produce when it mattered. From this point forward it’s only stat padding. He has had a terrible year !!!!!

@Jim. Agree it doesn’t make any difference. Damage done. Hoover – damage done. Cozart’s bat – damage done. Regardless.

Strong. You are right. Neb is hung up on stats. They are part of the equation but are not the total picture. When you do it is more important than season ending totals !!!!

Yes, I find statistics far more compelling than fan whims, wants and desires. The good news is that MLB also centralizes on statistics, from contracts provisos to managing; Price sets his lineups on statistics. But I digress, we were talking about Bruce and his “mediocre” statistics this season, nothing more. Luckily, the Reds also review statistics and have not decided to trade off players that have had down years, but instead look at their body of work and other positives they bring to the ballpark. To trade a player after a season of struggle would be ludicrous and over-reactive, especially in this instance, as he has proven he can hit, field and throw.
Lastly, having better ABs for the remainder of the season probably won’t take us into the playoffs; certainly not solely thrown at only Bruce’s feet, however it will go far for Bruce’s own psyche leading into next season.

Trade Jay Bruce you must be lost in Left Field. Guy is having an off year like some other Reds and the minors. Look what we brought up from the minors to produce runs, no real hitter in AAA, plenty of pitching. We should have kept Broxton, Brewers farm system is not loaded so we will end up with average players at best in AAA. We need a good shortstop and second base a strong Leftfielder. But, those guys are down in AA and A ball not ready yet.

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