Votto has setback

The news lately about Joey Votto had been mostly about progress but it appears to have slowed. Votto began taking ground balls on Wednesday but it appeared to not go well.

“It wasn’t as good a result as we had hoped,” Reds manager Bryan Price said on Friday at PNC Park. “There was still some fairly significant discomfort when he got lateral side-to-side so we had back off with that and stay with some strengthening and whatever the physical therapy protocols are. We hope when we get back there are some marked improvement. He took some light swings yesterday and he’ll be able to gradually increase baseball workload based on how he feels.”

As he has since going back on the DL July 8 with a distal strain of his left quadriceps, Votto did not travel with the club and remained in Cincinnati to continue his workouts.

Votto is eligible to return from the 60-day DL on Sept. 4 when the Reds will have 23 games left. While the club has maintained it expected him to play again this season, I asked Price if they would shut Votto down if they were no longer in contention.

“Well, I think that’s a great question. It’s a legitimate question,” Price replied. “The one thing we have to do is get him to the point where he can play. It’s a moot point until we get there. We don’t for sure when that time is going to be. That’s one thing about this particular injury – there’s no deadline as when he’s supposed to be physically capable of playing without re-injury, which takes us back to square one with the rehab. I think if he gets back to where he can play, he plays. That certainly could change with where we are in the standings and sitting down with the Dr. Kremchek and making a decision about what’s in the best interest of Joey moving forward.”


This won’t go over well with the fan base, which won’t go over well with Votto. He’s been nothing but frustrating since signing his mega contract. Let’s hope it’s the last the Reds ever make, they just don’t seem to work out well for this team (see Griffey, Ken Jr.)

Is it out of the realm of possibility that the Reds will look for a 1st Baseman in the off season or make Todd Frazier their 1st Baseman going forward and may look for a 3rd Baseman???? The Reds need to move on without Joey Votto and let the insurance companies figure out what they owe Joey.

Forget 2014. There is nothing to be gained by getting Votto back for the few games left. The question now is: What kind of condition will he be in for 2015? Let’s hope that this is not the kind of injury that lingers on….and on…..and on. Long term contracts are for the birds. For recent comparisons, check out how the Shin Soo Choo deal worked out for Texas. The Reds contract stand there was right on target. Then check the stats of Choo vs. the performance of Billy Hamilton. Such a deal! Score one for Jocketty. All is not lost. There will be a re-configuration of the Reds lineup for 2015 starting in left field. They need a bat (maybe two), and they have ample pitching to go get one.

Agree they need to shut Votto down. No sense risking further aggravation of the injury. Let him come back in spring training healed. I would do the same with Homer. We need to protect the investment in the long term contracts. This season is over as far as making the playoffs although mathematically were still in it.

Agree. Both should be shut down. However, don’t expect the Reds’ organization to do the smart thing ! They are under the illusion they are still in the race. Don’t hold your breath on off season moves either. I have very little confidence in this organization !!!!!

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