Other 10-and-5 guys

You may have read my story about Reds 2B Brandon Phillips becoming a 10-and-5 player on Tuesday. There aren’t many of those guys around in baseball, but more than I thought. Courtesy of MLB public relations, here is the current active 10-and-5 players in the league:

Jeremy Affeldt, SF
Miguel Cabrera, DET
Bruce Chen, KC
Matt Holliday, STL
Derek Jeter, NYY
Paul Konerko, CWS
Joe Mauer, MIN
Yadier Molina, STL
David Ortiz, BOS
Brandon Phillips, CIN
Alex Rodriguez, NYY
Jimmy Rollins, PHI
CC Sabathia, NYY
Mark Teixeira, NYY
Chase Utley, PHI
David Wright, NYM

**UPDATE: A couple of hours after this post went live, Chen was designated for assignment by the Royals. Of everyone on this list, he had been the most surprising. I didn’t realize he spent at least five seasons with the Royals.

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