Game 135: Reds at Pirates

Hamilton 8
Frazier 3
Phillips 4
Mesoraco 2
Bruce 9
Negron 5
Schumaker 7
Cozart 6
Leake 1


Does anyone care about this season anymore? I suppose you have a job to do Mr. Sheldon but I’m more concerned with the Reds plans to address our deficiencies at offense and how we get this organization back to the World Series as opposed to being concerned with a lost season. The Reds could win out and still likely not make post season.

Agree Matt. I’ll keep watching and rooting, but not goung to let myself get my hopes up. Not only would the Reds need to win close to 20 of 28, but 4 of 5 other teams would need to hit the skids too. Looking forward to the 40 man roster next week and seeing some new faces get playing time. Then a long wait during the offseason to see what we do.

As in previous post I think our pitching is very close to being on target if we don’t pussy foot around and lose it or let the farm fall into disarray. But we certainly have issues to address.

The problem Strong is that there is not anybody worth anything to bring up . They aren’t going to start the clock on any real prospect like other clubs . All you will see are the likes of JJ Hoover and company. This organization is in BAD shape !!!!

Like to see the team work itself back up to 500 that would be good.

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