Game 133: Cubs at Reds



With M. Latos hitting the waiver wire along side Leake today, it will be very interesting to see if this FIRES HIM (Latos) UP…….. I would hate for the REDS to lose him……

I guess I just don’t understand putting a pitcher on waivers on the day he is scheduled to pitch. I realize they have no intention of letting him be claimed, but if I were Latos or Leake I would think I’m expendable and won’t be a Red next year. Timing seems self defeating to me

Reds cannot afford to resign Cuetio Latos and Leake so yeah they should be thinking they are gone 2 out 3 will be that is sure.

Anybody know why many of the 12:35 games at GABP are not televised?

@Dale Pearl. I agree, it was the timing I was scratching my head over.

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