Votto swinging, throwing

Reds 1B Joey Votto, who has been on the disabled list since July 8 with a distal strain of his left quadriceps, had a bat in his hands and a glove under his arm. The glove had a ball inside of it. And he was wearing his spikes.

It was the first signs that Votto was engaged in baseball activity again.

“I’m taking some dry swings and throwing,” Votto said.

Dry swings are simply swinging the bat without hitting a ball. Votto says he’ll take a swing here and there during breaks in the weight room.

“You can’t go from zero-to-100 at once,” Votto said.

*Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco is getting his usual night off with Brayan Pena catching for starter Johnny Cueto. The day off might be a good time for Mesoraco, who is 0-for-11 on the home stand and 1-for-his-last-32. It’s dropped his average from .301 to .273.

“It’s not so much the day off, it’s really getting back to being himself at the plate,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “He’s doing a nice job behind the plate blocking. I don’t know if anybody is taking a lot of notice but he’s doing a terrific job behind the plate blocking and throwing. He’s much improved, as is Brayan Pena, in large part to the work done with [catching coach] Mike Stefanski. I’m really happy with that. However, he has struggled with the bat here. A little bit more time addressing that with Don and Lee probably is helpful.”


Meso needs to catch and they don’t need to play with his mind . I believe john bench more than a guy that is afraid to tell Cueto to pitch to whomever. Price started him 2 starts ago and Devin had 6 RBI and cueto gave up 1 run.

Can you believe starting a game and within 5 minutes need to stop it for a rain delay. Hope it doesn’t affect Cueto. Maybe the forecaster rested his regular guy and used a backup to keep him fresh in case they needed him later. On the bright side there’s nothing quite as refreshing as the smell of a wet dog. Bark! Bark! in the park.

Great news just to hear that Joey is starting to mend. He is an integral part of this team and is very missed. Devin is doing a terrific job catching! He just needs to relax at the plate. Go Reds!

Glad to see that Devin has the night off he needs it. He has really dropped off since the All-Star game. That gives him two days off in a row which is good especially in this heat.

The epitome of the Reds this season…
…through 4 full innings, the Reds have grounded into ZERO outs. Either a SO or a FLY BALL. Absolutely neutralizes any and all of their team speed. But then again, what’s new…

Neb, I agree. On previous post I commented concerning not going with pitches, not hitting opposite field, no hit and run etc. This is boring.

Yeah – not executing the game the way should be does make for b-o-r-i-n-g experience!

My assessment of Reds chances of making playoffs: diddly squat

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