Game 132: Cubs at Reds



Great opportunity to sweep this series…
The Reds have won nine of 13 meetings in 2014 and 56 of
78 dating to the 2010 season.
Cueto (15-7, 2.20 ERA) has had a hand in that success, going
5-0 with a 1.19 ERA in his last seven starts versus Chicago.

Well this season is all but over for the Reds. I know folks including the media will point to injuries among other things as excuses. The bottom line is were just not their yet. Good teams have personnel that can stand in and produce for injured ones. So I think the injury excuse is a poor one. Injuries are part of game and happens to everyone. I like the philosophy of focusing on pitching and eventually, at some point, the hitting will be their. I say we resign Walt Jocketty if we can, continue to develop our good farm system and just keep plugging away. Only make trades that clearly are beneficial ones and just keep improving. The pitching first philosophy has got to pay off someday soon. Defense is still the key but you would hope offense would sooner or later fall in place.

Just thinking, scary huh. As I’ve watched the games this year, I keep noticing how well other teams drive the ball to the opposite field, especially with runners on like the Yankees and Cards. A lot of hit and runs. A lot of going with pitch. I enjoy watching that kind of baseball and while I see it occasionally from the Reds it is not often enough. A lot of games the Reds are just boring, swinging from the heels and trying to pull every pitch. I see Mes recently looking a lot like Bruce, trying to pull everything and his performance reflects it. It’s not new for this year with this team. Last year I thought it was Jacoby, but I guess not. Is it a philosophy that comes from the farm system and batters are set in their ways by time they come up? Like I said, just thinking.

Sorry the post should say re-sign Walt Jocketyy. We should try to keep Walt. ,

Maybe if the last place Cubs sweep the Reds and of course our pathetic offense get shut out all 3. Maybe then Walt and Bob will FINALLY see this offense needs a lot of help and they DO NOT sit on their hands in the off season. The Cubs have drafted hitters and made a great trade to get the A’s#1 prospect at SS. They are getting close where our Reds seem to be going backwards. Empty seats will happen in2015 if they refuse to wake up and truly go get help. Fans won’t be in a hurry watching a offense that can’t hit in a hitters park Luke ours. Cue to shouldn’t as other start e rd have to go to the mound with a mindset if they give up 2 runs they do t have a great chance to get a victory!!!

Get ready for a Reds fire sale on tickets for the rest of this year. Paid attendance tonight was 19,481. It looked to me that many of these didn’t show up. That’s a lot of lost revenue. Looking forward to the 40 man roster next week. Want to see some new faces.

That’s on Bob and Walt. They failed to go get help. The team saw no help coming and playing like it. We have a hitters park and our Reds can’t hit here!!!! I have no desire to watch a poor hitting team play a game with zero adjustments. No accountability and it’s all ok with their manager, coaches and front office!!!!

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