Game 129: Braves at Reds

Hamilton 8
Frazier 3
Phillips 4
Mesoraco 2
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Negron 5
Cozart 6
Latos 1


This team is dead. There is no leadership, no guts. I believe the manager and or GM has lost control. This is not just a failure, it is far beyond that.

Orrrrr…. this team just is not good enough as is to win. Our starters are wonderful, had a little bit of a drop. Our bullpen is over used as of late and not that good to start. Our offense is terrible without a healthy Votto.

Negron needs to be in the lineup everyday. This kid is the real deal. Put him at 3rd, Frazier at 1st, and you have a much better lineup. Go Reds!

Or put him a SS and keep Pena and Frazier in the lineup. Think his offense will more than make up for an expected loss of defense.

I hate to say this, I’ve watched virtually every game the Reds have played for the past several years and listened to play by play by Waite Hoyt and saw games in person in the 30s ’til now, but I’m really getting very bored with the Reds style of baseball. It just seems they are playing as individuals instead of as a team.
Also, if the pitcher who started the game last night (Thursday against Atlanta) is the best the Reds have in AAA or AA the Reds forfeit the balance of the season. What the HELL is going on with this boring baseball team?

In my opinion, they were at a junction when Dusty was let go. And, they chose to go with a guy that did wonders with the pitching staff, yet knew very little if anything about how to manage an entire baseball team. Unfortunately for us, I have seen too many blunders performed by Price and later, ‘lightly’ discussed the next day or so by numerous writers and commentators, depending on their forcefulness and relationship(s). As for Jocketty, he is secretive. The Reds and more so, Jocketty will never let you or I know what may happen, is happening or has happened until it actually is released. Many of the fans paint Jocketty in an astonishing costume of sitting around and doing nothing; his resume refutes such assertions. However, is he culpable…probably. But in my mind, I first and foremost blame the players, followed by the manager and coaches. Blaming Castellini for doing anything but saving us from the prior ownership, building us a new ballpark and escalating salary levels to where they are today, is ludicrous and ridiculous.

We,the fans,deserve to know what their plans are. Especially after THIS year. This season is lost! I’m not asking them to tell me about every trade ,etc , but at least have a plan and direction. We go to the games, buy food, merchandise , etc. if they can’t give at us least that much respect then maybe it’s time we take our’s back. STAY HOME !!!!!!!

Yeah – we’re not seeing baseball executed the way it’s supposed to be. Despite the injuries – there has been enough talent to do better. Losing games when you’re ahead, losing momentum often by sitting guys right after they have delivered etc., leaving some arms in too long…

The Reds just play bad baseball ! They can’t execute the basic fundamentals of baseball ! I don’t know what they did in spring training. Evidently not cover base running, situational hitting or much of anything else. That lays right at the feet of Dusty Price !

Remember how the Bengals got turned around. The fans finally said enough is enough and until you convince us your committed to charting a new course we are going to stay away until you do. They did and it worked and the Bengals have respect around the league. (OMG you don’t know how hard it was for me to say that…..I’m a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan). If a big change isn’t made, I think it’s time for Reds fans to learn from the Bengals.

Ditto!! I agree 100 percent! STAY HOME !!!!!!!!

Was amused by Thom and the Cowboys reaction to the double switch which moved Negron to SS and Cozart to the bench. They were incredulous that Cozart’s glove was out of the game. Never mind that his invisible bat was too.

I get so amused with Thom , I turn off the sound and just watch the game .

Rosenthal: Jocketty expected to remain as Reds GM per Fox Sports. Changed from Strong(DWP) which was Done With Price to Strong(RTB) which is remember the Bengals. See previous post for understanding.

Reds’ bullpen sucks!

Reds’ bullpen sucks !

How come with only 30 games left. The Reds have not brought up some hitters from AAA? We need to score runs to get into the playoffs.

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