Votto speaks about injury

Reds 1B Joey Votto has kept a pretty low profile since he went back on the disabled list July 8 with a distal strain of his left quadriceps. The information about his progress has been limited and no one heard much from Votto himself — until today.

While talking about his rehab on Thursday, Votto addressed the narrative of people questioning his inability to play and that he hasn’t come back sooner. (There is still no timetable on his return).

“Let’s make it clear here — I think there’s been a real gray area and I feel like I’ve been the one in the crosshairs — I’ve been injured,” Votto said. “I feel like this is something I’ve had hanging over me in the general population, the fans, I think it’s a toughness, or playing through pain sort of thing, or playing hurt sort of thing. I’ve been injured. I played injured. I went on the DL because I’m injured. I’m trying to be un-injured now.

“So the second I’m capable of playing and I’m no longer injured, I’ll be back on the field. In the meantime, you can assume I’m injured. I shouldn’t get some sort of different treatment, as if this is — I’ve noticed little comments here and there and just a general perception that this is something I elected to do. I didn’t elect to be injured. I am injured. People get injured. I am injured. What can I do? At some point I’ll be back playing like I was playing before.”

I will have more later on MLB.com/Reds.com.


Hmm. Seems a little ambiguous, but I think he might be injured.

so is he injured?

What did Johnny Bench tell Bob Costas on the MLB Network that after his lung operation he was “Never the same”. We are coming to learn that the knee injury in 2012 and the subsequent 2 knee operations…. Joey Votto will never be the same. The Reds have invested $ 225 million in a bad legged first baseman. This will haunt the Reds for the next 9 seasons. This isn’t Joey Votto’s fault. He got hurt. I do question the medical treatment he has received. But that is all water under the bridge. But the Reds Front office should move on and try to make the team better even if it means getting a new 1st Baseman and Joey can be the most expensive pinch hitter in Reds history in between times he goes back on the DL.

Yet Johnny Bench won two World Series rings and stayed with the Reds until he retired. Even though Votto’s situation is different, I don’t see how he couldn’t have the same outcome Bench has had. We won’t know about that now since only time will tell.

At some point I’ll be back playing like I was playing before.” Hopefully he means 2010, not this version.

No one cares now, season is over.

Now let me get this staight, is he injured or not;-)

sounds like he is blaming the fans for something they had nothing to do with. if he comes back and plays like he has the past 2 seasons…..just leave him on th DL. better yet….get rid of him and take the lose. the reds should have known better then to sign a deal like they did with him.

“At some point I’ll be back playing like I was playing before.”

I really hope not. Although, there are plenty of Joey Votto apologists out there who are perfectly fine with .255 from a 20+ million a year player.

Odd how the moment MLB starts testing for HGH the best players of the past 5 years either can’t stay on the field or are a shell of their former selves. Vottos legs, Ryan Braun’s elbow, Tommy John surgeries left and right, etc…

I’d like to think age and the surgeries were to blame, but that thought has crossed my mind. Just seems awfully coincidental. The reds consistently seem to look normal compared to some of the other teams physiques out there but random chance would surmise that someone has to be doing it on the team. Then again they traded grandal who was promptly suspended so maybe they police well in house.

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Joey just get better. I can’t wait until you get back on the field being this year or next season. Just get better.

Totally agree Reneta. Best wishes Joey on your recovery. No reason for you to rush back now and play for this jackwagon that we have as a manager. Kris Negron who from 8/13 through 8/17 was 8 for 20 (.400). Has not started a game since, yet has gone 2-4 in pinch hitting situations in those 5 games that he has been benched. Yet Ramon Santiago keeps getting thrown out there. Yikes, what a complete joke.

This is from Joey’s press conference in April 2012 after he signed his extension:

“I always try to do my best. I know that doesn’t mean very much to the average fan or media member but my only goal in my career is to be the best player I can be. That’s all I’ve ever really tried to do. I can’t promise you anything going forward, I can’t promise health, I can’t promise production or anything like that but I can promise you I’m gonna try and do my best.”

I believe Joey is doing and has done everything he has promised. I appreciate his intensity and look forward to seeing him back on the field. I would argue that the glimpses we have seen of his character demonstrate his commitment to his craft, this team, and this city. Our stadium would sell-out nightly if the fans’ commitment matched his.

Go Reds!

Truly agree!!!!

I like the fact that Votto at least let us know what is going on. That’s more than the Reds’ management has done on any matter.

Seriously Zach, are you implying Votto did drugs??? Maybe that’s what you are on for making that comment. Are you related to Paul Daugherty?? From your picture you look like a dork anyway. I think everyone is missing the sarcasm in Votto’s comments “HE IS INJURED” and nothing anyone says or insinuates can change that fact so why go on with it. He’s receiving treatment for an injury that if you research it you will find takes MINIMUM 6 mos. Mine took 8 months and I donot play professional baseball. If it does not heal properly, guess who gets screwed, not you, Zach, Votto has the permanent leg pain. What type weapon did he put against Castellini’s head for that contract? I don’t think that was published. He tried to play injured and it was humiliating for him not having balance after swinging the bat, seeing the loss of power in the left leg. Reds management should be ashamed for letting their $200m player stand at the plate like that. Come on people get real already. And, does anyone, anywhere want to be injured and have injections and listen to all the bullshit people have to say about them? Everyone says TRADE HIM–everyone that has been traded has done a hell of a lot better than when they were a Reds player. I hated that the Reds lost to Colorado but loved that Drew Stubbs did it. Do you think that maybe Joey regrets signing his life away to the Reds with that contract????
If he is smart, he will stay out rest of season and let the leg heal completely. Joey coming back at this time of the season will not help the Reds out. Hey, look at Ken Griffey all the grief he took as Reds player. I guess that’s the way it is in Reds Country.

Amen for your message, give him time to heal . Thank you

Reread your 20,000 word dissertation and tell me who the spaz is. Nice use of caps. You really “hammered it home”.

Completely missed my point. I think we’ve established that he and other players are INJURED. The question is why the sudden rash of injuries and major drop in offensive numbers across the board? But you addressed none of that and added very little to this blog aside from a lot of caps, shoddy grammar, and misplaced emotion.

For the record, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Jeff Bagwell had injured knees as well. Simply saying that someone is injured doesn’t absolve them of anything.

PS: Watch your mouth, buster.


I know what it is to be injured and out of ‘the lineup’ at work and people whispered. Some did more than whisper. When you are hurt and unable to perform your duties it doesn’t matter what your job is or how much you make. Let the guy get back in playing condition and able to be the top level player that he has been.

Now that we are slowly understanding that we cannot contend this season for the brass ring, we are now in the catbird’s seat relative to having some superior trade bait/talent. We don’t need to jump or trade anything off the hip; August and then September could be key for several teams in order to reach the playoffs and thereafter. We need be only clever and careful, while hearing trade options throughout the next 45 days. In other words, we can’t win squat this season, but we are in an enviable position…the catbirds seat! All said above means that we can craft better talent for 2015 if our potential trade(s) are superior in weight to the Reds.

Only tradeable players at this point would set us back next year. They should have shopped simon around the break. We’ve needed a contact hitter and/or power guy for two years. Cespedes would have been perfect – A’s probably would have taken Latos (it’s either him or cueto to be signed, they won’t be able to sign both, and I’d keep cueto) heck they may have taken leake and Ludwig.

You know what Strong, I agree with you 100% But is that even possible in professional sports today?? All contracts should have clause in them BASED ON PERFORMANCE and if injured blah blah blah–whatever words legally work. Would that really be so bad?? NO NO NO.!!! When you are making the BIG BUCKS, can’t perform to what is expected of you by yourself and others, that is what you call THE PRESSURE COOKER. That’s what Joey is in right now. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t,
Wishful thinking, but I’ll be watching tonight.
All you previous posters on Mark My Word–be good to yourselves today!!!

Really don’t know about baseball, but I would think a player can request. In football I know Peyton Manning and Tom Brady for example renegotiated their contracts to free up money that was spread around to sign other talent. I would think Votto could request his contract be spread out over 20 years instead of 10. I know that can create problems down the road if not managed properly.

Overrated over paid MVP ? Smh

Joey or someone with acces to him, please tell him that THE ISSUE IS that he isn’t telling us anything specific about the injury, about how long the normal recovery time is for that injury (which we all know has been communicated to him by the trainer and/or his doctors) and his progress !

Redlegs Nation/Joey Votto article will tell you the whole scoop. He’s having platelet injections on his knee and could be back in early September. I say why chance it. Season is over.

Are we sure its not a head thing. lot of that in baseball. just ask Jay Bruce

Let’s keep the language clean please. I’ve already had to delete a couple of comments. I’d hate to go comment-free on future blog posts. Thanks.

I must say it is nice to see some good common sense caring replies on this blog. I haven’t seen that for a while.

Very disappointed in Votto. Didn’t hear one word from him acknowledging how his injury has cost the team or the frustrated the Reds fans. Sounded flippant, arrogant,extremely self serving and self absorbed. If he or the Reds as an organization had been more open about his his ability to play or the extent and progression of his injury, he may have had a different response from the some of the fans, who by the way indirectly pay his salary.

To be fair Strong — read the whole story when it posts on Reds.com. He said more than what I posted on the blog.

Will do Mark. Thanks.

http://atmlb.com/1q3xx9k — link to the story on Reds.com

When you are the face of a franchise and you stay quite about an injury people are going to question. We all know he played hurt but, there are also season ticket holders that deserve an update on the teams best player. People are not asking for money back they spent to see him play they just want to know how he is doing. He is a fan favorite, a role model for little league ball players. And this fan feels like we all deserve at least an update besides I’m injured and when I’m not you will see me on the field.

As an athletic training student, I’m glad Votto’s taken this time off to finally recuperate. It’s obvious that he never fully healed from his previous injuries. I want our first basemen back, yes, but I want him back to his full strength and playing ability as well. If it takes the rest of the season, so be it. It’s probably a little too late to salvage this train wreck of a team anyway.

Also, the team being a train wreck isn’t totally Votto’s fault. When Votto was first injured in 2012, the remaining players stepped up big time and we did better without Votto than with him. Yet nobody seems to remember this and everybody wants to put the blame on Votto. It’s no one person’s fault. Baseball is a team sport. You win as a team, you lose as a team.

Another thing, stop making Votto out to be some pompous, arrogant snob. He does’t have to tell us anything about his injury. He has rights. You as a fan are not entitled to know every single detail about the players’ lives.

Honestly, I don’t know who’s worse this season: the Reds team or the Reds fans. Some fans have been down right nasty this year. It’s like most of you are Cardinals fans in disguise. Nobody’s asking you to be a Reds fan. By all means, go jump on the bandwagon of a winning team and stop making the rest of us ashamed of your association to the Reds. The rest of us will stay right here and defend our team like the good fans we are.

Hey Joey…take all the time you need. Only you know when you can get back out there and play….we each know our own bodies. You are awesome and I will forever be a REDS & VOTTO fan…..luv u.

You better play better than you did before. Where is Joey Votto the MVP? You receive a ton of money and then don’t care. There is no heart on this team. With your contract paid in full and not counting playoffs, you make 138,800 a game. A GAME!! How does that not make everyone sick? I guess because we put so much faith in you. But ask yourself, do you deserve it?

I do wish you a speedy recovery and that you heal properly but when you get into spring training next year I would hope you bring focus and reliability next year.

I don’t think he’s blaming anyone. He’s just stating a fact. Social media can be so relentless and people criticizing you, bashing you and hating you gets frustrating. He’s only human. Cut him some slack.

An indictment on Doc Hollywood (Kremchek)? I think so. Cleared too soon…

An indictment on Doc Hollywood (Kremchek)? I think so, cleared to return too soon earlier…

Votto should just shut it down, reds are out of it barring a miracle. He’s still one of the most feared hitters in the game because of his preparation, so even if he doesn’t have the power he used to he’s still capable of hitting at a high level if he can plant.

Joey not all are in judgment just the shallow but I do miss watching you hit a baseball like only you do. Ps I think Jay Bruce misses you also

Spot on Doug……reading some of these remarks show the true level of these individuals. Votto is one of the best hitters in the game who has suffered through an injury-plagued season. His numbers reflect his health. Look forward to a healthy Votto in 2015. Management mailed this season in at the break by standing pat and choosing not to make any moves to bolster a struggling offense. It is not Vottos fault…..

Joey is a better hitter injured than what we have on the field healthy right now.

WOW… I am amazed at the comments I hear on talk shows and on these blogs. Do you understand how good this guy is? Do you only put stock in home runs and RBIs? This guy did things in his young career that very very few others in baseball can accomplish. Yes I am sad he is injured, but he is injured. A man does not get as good as he does at a sport without working at it. Do people really think he is not working to get back. He a great baseball player and I hope he can return to the same player he was before. But if not he will still be a very good baseball player. He works too hard not to be….

The seasons over playoff wise, play next year.

You have cost me hundreds of dollars and you speak of “the injury” as if it is some highlight reel.

Two things have really disappointed me:
1) the handling of the news on Votto’s injury by the team, we the fans have heard next to nothing about the franchises highest paid player. Is there any news about a timeline he might return. You do owe your fan base some information if you want to keep them interested and buying tickets.
2) Votto’s comments in the off season about his shift to a Sabermetric strategy towards hitting, without regard to his coaches. If he’s not going to hit for power playing 1B, I say move him to left field and bring in a power hitting 1B.

Take the rest of this season and the offseason to heal. Come back in the spring ready to go. Don’t read the newspapers, articles on the internet or listen to talk radio. Realize that you will never be able to please everyone and no matter what you do, someone is going to complain about something and realize that its their right as sports fans to do so. Keep your chin up and have the confidence to know that you are one of the best players in the game. Keep smiling and give it your best effort. Don’t ever forget that baseball is a game and you are one of the select few in this world that get paid to play while the rest of us have to actually “work.”

I have no problem with Joey, it’s the lack of information that the Reds have given us this entire season. Being in the health care field, to say he has a muscle injury; it should NOT take that long for a muscle to heal. Brandon had a ligament injury, and even had surgery, but he is back and Joey is not. Ligaments heal slower than muscles. So what is the REAL diagnosis for Joey??? Did he have another surgery on the knee??? Not a lot of info on the situation. If I were the Reds, he would not play this year – why take the chance he could get hurt again…

I never had a distal quad strain, but it’s a much different injury to deal with compare to a torn thumb ligament.

Must… Stop… Reading… Comments… Trainwrecks… Irrational… Simple…

Mark. Read the Votto article, in fact, read it twice. You’re right Votto did express concern for the team. However, as it relates to the fans, I still feel he comes across aloof and arrogant. If he would have been less abrasive in the beginning with his answers about his declining results, I might feel differently. Add the evasiveness of the Reds during this time, which goes back before Votto going on the diabled list, and you have a firestorm of fan frustration. Votto and the Reds have let themselves open to the “rumor mill”.

Strong…don’t just read the article. See the interview which Mark already supplied a link to. Votto is not a public speaker by any means, but the discussion is worth a great deal imo.

Neb. Will do.

I have been a Red’s fan since 1970 and will be the rest of my life. I am not hot and cold on them depending on the Won-Lost record. However, this team has zero leadership on the field, in the dugout or in the front office. You just don’t fall apart with this staff without something fundamentally wrong within the organization! Get rid of Walt, Brian and everyone else except Cueto, Hamilton and Mesoraco! There is no heart in this team.

Seems to be a little sore about the subject, no pun intended. Sorry, but as fans, when we saw that huge contract signed, along with it come expectations of performance. Clearly the stats aren’t indicative of a $250 million contract, and while health is a concern, and we want Votto on the field, we would like a little more insight and progress reports. This injury, for the most part, has been very hush-hush. Sorry your feelings are hurt by those questioning your situation, but it hasn’t helped that Walt Jocketty sat idly by at the trade deadline and did nothing to give the Reds a fighting chance this arson, and we’ve had to watch the team self-destruct since the All-Star break. This team is painful to watch.

I saw an interview Joey did with Jim Day last night. He made it clear that those “questioning his situation” or whatever you want to call it were not fans. I think he said it came more from a media inner circle. He was very emphatic that the fans were not who he had issues with. He was very complimentary toward the fans. He also said he was in a situation to relate to the fans himself since he has been one too while unable to play.

It is obvious not a prerequisite for MLB players to have any acceptable level of education and ability to talk properly. Votto, you are a public servant to the highest degree. We pay your overpriced salary. If you are injured, and I’ll assume you are after that ambiguous, elementary-level tirade, you must talk to your fans and let us know what is going on. You play for us, the common people. I was the happiest camper in the USA when you received your large contract. You were spectacular in 2010. Really. But since then??????? You are not worth the money you are making seems to be the consensus. I believe you are mentally unstable. I truly do. The Reds have obtained tainted goods as usual: Griffey Jr., Jay Bruce, and YOU top the list of over-rated and over-payed players in modern Reds’ times.

Joey, you heal up. I know what kind of baseball player you are. If takes until next year to heal, then so be it. I know you will be back, playing just as good , if not better than you did before. We want you as our first baseman for a long time. So don’t let it bother you , at what some may say. Prayers for you, and we’ll see you when you’re ready.

I would like to hear from a few people who know him well, you see I believe in giving the benefit of the doubt. Number 2. I can tell all you people a story that is personal, I was working at a job for 15 yrs. one day I noticed my feet hurt. Over a couple of weeks I got to the point where One afternoon in front of my Married children and Grandchildren I started crying on the couch the pain was so bad. I called the Doctor and he had a couple of ideas, but what I took depended on what my liver would tolerate. He sent me to a couple of specialist, Some poked needles and some did some other test, but nothing seemed to stop the severe pain. I went back to my hometown doctor and he put me on a drug that can become addictive and limited me to max of 4 a day , but try to live with 3. HERE IS THE KiCKER. I could not work either and I was getting paid. The medicine helped but I have never fully gotten rid of the pain. New meds have come and gone by I still work with pain, but not like I did the day before I noticed the pain. No one knows how you feel, In my case not even my wife . Sometimes she ask me to do something and she thinks I just don,t want to, it is the Pain. In Votto’s case in stead of all you people being negative lets wait and see. By the way I have had pain for going on 7years. I have been to Rochester, Jacksonville, An arbor Mi. Etc. But Not so much pain and not so much money I live with it. All I say is get off his case till the whole story is out.

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