Game 128: Braves at Reds



Hope the homestand brings the Reds some wins….They could use the boost to their professional morals.

From and Rob Hoff:
Since Homer Bailey went to the DL with a strained flexor mass, the Cincinnati Reds have been forced to pull from their very limited resource of minor league starting pitchers, which means that David Holmberg will be making his second start of the season for the Reds.
It’s hard to imagine that Holmberg could do much worse than he did his first start when he takes the ball on Thursday, but it’s still a possibility given the limited upside of the southpaw soft-tosser. Holmberg didn’t make it out of the third inning in his debut start this year against the hapless Chicago Cubs and gave up three home runs in the process.
He is considered a top 10 prospect in the Reds’ farm system, and if that is indeed true, the Reds are in trouble because Holmberg is not a major league starter. When the Reds traded for Holmberg in a three-team deal before the season that dealt veteran catcher Ryan Hanigan, he was probably as good of a minor league starter as the Reds could get. But after his first season at Triple-A in which the 23-year-old has been battered in 17 starts, its hard to believe that Holmberg was the best the Reds could get for Hanigan.
Holmberg has pitched 87-plus innings at Triple-A this year, posting a 1-6 record with a 4.64 ERA and 1.66 WHIP. To think that this is the best pitcher the Reds can summons this late in the year for a spot start is not exactly a positive for the franchise, who do have handful of Double-A and below starting pitchers who should graduate to the majors one day.
The last spot start the Reds needed an arm to make was filled by Dylan Axelrod, who is also a soft-tosser but fared well in Colorado last week. With Axelrod unavailable due to short rest, the Reds are relying on Holmberg. But whether it’s Axelrod or Holmberg, the limited options that the Reds have for spot starts right now make them look desperate.
Robb Hoff is a Cincinnati Reds writer for

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Agree T2. We’ve heard all year what a great bunch of pitchers we have in the pipeline and then are told that Holmberg is the best available. I know that we have to trade a starter or 2 because we can’t afford to sign them all, but it concerns me. If we give up the starters who have got us here then we better be the highest run production team in the NL next year. I fear we are heading into a multi-year rebuilding program and if so, I for one would not want Jocketty being involved.

4 games in a row and our hottest hitter (Negron) isnt in the starting lineup. We have a genius managing our guys, let me tell ya!

Agree Mike. Negron has played over 400 games at SS. Yet we have Santiago replacing Cozart. I assume because Teheran is a RHP. Evidently it’s against the rules these days for the Reds to have someone with power play SS.

Have a feeling that Jocketty will fire Price, get hired back by the produce man and finally be able hire his manager. Probably the Cardinal third base coach. Think Dusty was castellini choice . Can’t believe that Jocketty has done nothing to help this team since all star break, mike leake ask the FO for help! Let’s go Holmberg tonight!

I do like Negron and agree with Strong and Mike. Why can’t we just go out on a limb and break the friggin rules???? Let’s get RADICAL for a change and break this hum drum we are in. I am frustrated beyond belief with all THE RULES WE FOLLOW.

Oh yay GO REDS!!!!:} Tonight turn things from the negative to the positive, not just for the team but for us FANS!!

Hey guys. When has Dusty Price ever made sense with his lineups ? I can’t figure him out. He may be an intelligent man but he has no baseball sense or instincts. I am beginning to wonder if Castillini does. Jockey
has been very disappointing to say the least.

Dylan Axelrod throws first shutout for Louisville since 2013, two hit and 5 k, he looked very good in his appearance against the rockies. Guess the jock wanted to watch holmberg tonight. Hope he got to the park early.

The Reds are going to be doing a whole bunch of experimenting the rest of the year. Dusty Price should be very good at that. He’s done it all year!!! If Holmberg is the best they have to bring up , they are in a world of hurt ! This organization is beginning to look really bad ! It’s almost to the state of apathy.

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