Angels need starter, Reds have them

As the Reds lousy 1-6 road trip was in its final woeful game vs. the Cardinals last night, the Angels got a huge bummer when top starting pitcher Garrett Richards went down with a knee injury covering first base. Richards, who was carted off the field, will be out for the season.

Read the story from’s Alden Gonzalez here.

What does this mean for the Reds? It could mean that the contending Angels might be calling GMs, including the Reds’ Walt Jocketty to inquire about starters.

Mat Latos, Mike Leake and Alfredo Simon are all headed to third-year of arbitration eligibility with the Reds Deals after July 31 are harder to make. Players have to clear waivers, etc. But if there’s a deal to be had and the Reds can get some help for 2015 with 2014 looking as bleak as ever, it’d be smart to at least take a look.


If they could trade Simon for someone useful, or a solid prospect, they should do it now. In fact, they should have done it before the All Star break.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take a call from the Angels GM. Our own Mr. Jocketty should have already made the call to him. Proactive would be something different and refreshing.

Latos is my number 1 to move… He is one of the best pitchers over the past 3+ yrs and will command a lot of money. He is the least likely to sign. But if someone wants the rest of this year as well as next then pay up… I will take your top hitting outfielder.

I think Latos is probably the most likely and, considering previous trades, I would think the obvious compensation would be a highly touted “bat boy” from a AA club and if the Reds insist, they may well get an experienced trainer as well.

If I’m the Reds, I’d move Latos, but only if I knew I could lock down Johnny C for more years. Otherwise, I’d have to try to keep Latos.

Jocketty spends most of his time tanning. Cards since all star break has added Pierzinski, masterson, lackey. Have a bet that the three million dollar man Hannahan will get at least one more hit this year.

Simon for Josh Hamilton. Change of scenery for both.

Hamilton B
Hamilton J

Duh, ya think so? Jocketty has had numerous opportunities to trade a pitcher going back to last winter’s GM meetings, and has done nothing! He hasn’t found a LF in 4 years!! He gives Bailey $106 MILLION and Phillips $72 MILLION (neither of them worth – and nobody will trade with the Reds for them). If Bailey is worth $106 MILLION then how much is Cueto worth ($140 MILLION)?? We all know that the Reds can’t afford to pay for Bailey, Cueto and Latos!! That’s a given…..When does Jocketty leave? He can take some of the inept scouting staff with him!!

I have lost faith in jockety and Bob to do anything to help this team. They sat on their hands last year and this year when it was obvious the team needed help. They signed ridiculous contracts to Hannahan ludwick and broxten and now act like they don’t need to do anything else but sit back and watch this team tank. It’s on them for the failure of this team’s success. When your 1.5 games back at the All-Star break with mostly backups and had a perfect chance to make a move and do nothing then and the trade deadline, NO WAY that didn’t show the players ownership wanted to go for it. Especially when you heard “We are Buyers” and do nothing!! That rubbed me wrong as a fan. The same excuses year after year doesn’t cut it. If you truly want to win then show it. Not sit on your hands and pretend you want to win and don’t fix the holes on this team.

Darn auto correct. Should have said NO WAY that didn’t show the players that ownership didn’t want to go for it.

Couldn’t have said it any better !!!!!

I don’t know the answers. I still, despite a couple of recent blow outs, think our pitching is pretty close to where it needs to be. But sadly offense just did not come, timely hits did not come, and it just did not work out. Call me a starry eyed optimist or a glass half full kind of guy or what ever but I still think Jocketty can and will get this worked out. I still have hope. However each year of failures dims my hopes just a little. In short we are approaching a reckoning. Many of our very best players will be able to leave us soon for giant contracts elsewhere. The winning formula has to be found soon or we will lose all the great pitching. As a small market team I realize we can’t afford to be on top all the time but I truly believe a good farm system and smart trades will give us that play off run every couple years and a world series championship once in a while. In other words we can be winners and compete every year with the right people in charge.

I think you’re pretty close to having it right. I just think they had to trade Simon, Chapman, or Broxton to get that bat, as well as be able to afford it. I think the formula is starting pitching, and 3-4 reliable guys in the bullpen, and then 2-3 others who are cheap but fill roles. I think the ~$20mil that Chapman, Marshall, and Broxton are all paid is poor use of the Reds budget, and I think that is the primary problem with this roster.

Mark, do you know if any Reds have been placed through the Waivers yet? I dont understand why most of this team has not been put through just to see what happens. Especially Phillips and Ludwich. Cause if someone is will to claim can we just let them have them. haha.

Latos and Ludwick have been preliminarily shopped. We, the fans, are not privy to know if any phone calls were exchanged and by whom, and therefore if any offers were made or explored.

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