Talking to Hoover

I know fans don’t want to hear it, but J.J Hoover was stand up and accountable after Tuesday’s latest walk-off loss. I waited for him at his locker and he wore the loss.

“I wasn’t really hitting any spots out there tonight,” Hoover told “The first time I had the bases loaded, I thought I executed some good pitches. The second inning, I couldn’t find it from the beginning. I wasn’t nervous. I wasn’t overly amped up. I have all the confidence in the world I can do that job. I didn’t have it tonight, and that’s very frustrating.”

Hoover — now 1-10 with a 5.37 ERA in 45 games, gave up the walk off homer in Game 1 of Sunday’s doubleheader but Tuesday felt much worse.

“In Colorado, I thought I made a decent pitch trying to get back in the at-bat and Stubbs hit to one of the deepest parts of the field, but it looked like it scraped the wall,” Hoover said. “I wasn’t as mad about that one as I was today. That was probably the worst game of my professional life, and even amateur. I’m just kind of embarrassed by it. I know I’m a better pitcher than that. I was just starting to get on a roll. I just didn’t have any feel out there tonight. I just hate that I let the team down again.”


We feel your pain ! At least you man up to it ! The fact is you have failed at least 10 times out of 11 when the game is on the line ! Do you really think you should be given another shot ? If Price keeps running you out there he may get fired !

These past 2 months have been a disaster. I put a lot of the blame on Jocketty. who tried to sell us on the fact that we didn’t need to make any deal because we were going to be getting Phillips, Votto and Hanahan back. This reminds me of last year when we were going to get Phillips, Votto and Ludwig back (How did that work out?)
The bullpen is overworked and, based on injuries will contiunue to be. Simon has already thrown more innings this year than he did in the last 2 years combined abd I know that that isn’t good. We will not finish over .500. From the looks of things, we don’t have much down on the farm that is ready to help. I’ve been a REDS fan since the 1950s but sometimes I wonder

Reds’ management is not committed to winning this year! Jocketty has been very disappointing. They always put a positive spin on things because they need us to go to the ball park and continue to spend our money! It is time to stay home untill management get serious about winning!!!!

“I was just starting to get on a roll”. Are you kidding me. In April that statement would be OK, not mid August. 1 – 10 and the 1 came in April. I’m not attacking Hoover personally, but as far as doing his job he reminds of a Hoover sweeper………..they both SUCK. I hope we have seen the last of him in key situations if at all.

“I know I’m a better pitcher than that.” What in this world makes Hoover think so?

I don’t think any commenter can do a better job batting, pitching or managing. The Reds need encouragement not criticism.

Poor babies, you are right. They need to be coddled. They are not grown men they are adult babies. We should not criticize them, that may damage their fragile psyche. I feel so bad its everyone elses fault isnt it, the fans and announcers of why this team has played so bad.

I think the players ought to visit the worksites of these negative commenters,
evaluate them on their jobs and tell their bosses they should be fired.

Right on Bigblu. Who are we to think Hoover should earn his $520,000 a year. It’s OK JJ just try to do better next time. PLEEEEAAAASE!

It is long overdue for the Reds to release him……..

Been supporting this club since 1958, I am very sad at the inability of management to make moves when needed. As an example, they could of had Nelson Cruz in spring training, but they did not go after him. The Reds told me through a certain source that they did not need his services, well, what do you think now my friend? Very sad.

Sheldon, stop the b s Talking to Hoover. He has 2 pitches, an average fastball that he cannot throw for strikes, and a hanging breaking pitch that usually gets him in big trouble. They need to release him or send him back to AA so that he can be taught how to throw a sinker or changeup. He needs to be worked with until he can prove that he can throw strikes with at least 2 pitches, but he needs 3 to win in the Big’s.

By John Erardi…
The 1968 Chisox and 2014 Reds are starting to resemble one another, not for total losses — the ’68 Chisox lost 95; the ’14 Reds are on pace to lose 84 — but for one-run losses.
The Chisox set and still hold the major league record for one-run losses in a single season with 44. (They were 31-44, .413 in one-run games, a better winning percentage than the Reds’ 18-30 in one-run games, .375).

Most of what is said above is true. There was a period that JJ was a very capable reliever, but you don’t keep running him out and ultimately lose games. Those 10 loses JJ has, if reversed into the win column, would thereby put the
Reds in a tie for the lead in the central. That’s over simplifying, I know, but looking at 10 games behind the Brewers today it’s very difficult to not look at JJ as being at least, a part of the problem. Manager Price needs to look at JJ’s stats for the past couple months, Maybe even look at some film and stop making excuses for JJ. Right now JJ stinks as a major league pitcher.

Sheldon refuses to ask Price about Accountability.. what Price preached when handed the Managers job.. So far that has not been pushed at all. Like s poping up all the time espically with men on base,, Sadly Sheldon tweets “he got a RBI double” as to cover up his shortcomings.. Now he doesnt want the fans to get upset at Hoover. for being 1-10.. Sad.. accountability is not preached and guess what?? top starting pitching and defense and Zero consistent hitting and leading the majors in 1 run losses.and below .5000 with zero help from the GM. No hammering of Walt by the beat writers. cant upset anybody, might not get free diner food at the ball park..Goodness..

darn pc.. that was Cozart popping up

When did I say not to get upset at Hoover? Do what you want. Be mad. I just said he was accountable, nothing more or less. Don’t put words in my mouth or blog posts that aren’t there.

when you said I know fans dont want to hear this but he was accountable..made it seem like you didnt want the fans to get on Hoover.. Thats how i took it.. But i would like to see the GM and manager asked about their accountability.. Will Hoover be allowed to go for the most losses by a reliever in Reds history? Wil somebody higher up answer to the fans? thats what i would like to see. If i offended you Mark Forgive me.. I just want to hear why this is allowed to go on with zero moves and zero possibility anything will be done to help this team get further in the future..I dont see a bright future if zero is done. We all know it wasnt Dusty’s total fault.. nor Jacoby.. Its the players and GM who refuse to make changes to help the team

I was just saying I really knew you didn’t want to hear it. No more. It’s not for me to tell a fan how they should feel about a team. That’s your business. There have been a few pitchers and players over the years that have not stuck around to talk after a bad game or outing. I credited Hoover with doing that. He could have hid in the off-limits areas where media can’t venture into or just said no when asked if he could talk. It’s his right.

As for the zero moves, I totally understand. At the same time, as Price said when I asked him if there was relief help down below, he basically said there wasn’t anybody deemed able to help right now. Price was asked about not using Broxton in the ninth. He gave his answer. I think fans don’t get the part where we don’t editorialize the questions. You ask the question, you get the answer and report the information and/or quotes. Like I said on Twitter at the Trade Deadline, I can’t change the answers I get from the people I interview to whatever it is you want to hear.

I agree with Mark that Hoover is a stand-up guy for agreeing to the interview. However, it is not enough simply to say that a reporter asks the question and then has to settle for the answer. That is why we ask follow-up questions. Why not ask JJ if he feels that he should be pitching in a Major League Baseball game? In what way did he think that he “executed some good pitches” to the first batter he faced? The guy missed a grand slam by about eight feet. In what way did he feel like he was “on a roll”? If a player says something nonsensical, a reporter must call him on it with a follow-up question

Is he supposed to get down on his knees and beg to be sent to the Minors?

Reds fans have been fickle since I grew up in the days of the Big Red Machine. I recall sitting in Riverfront Stadium hearing some jerk complain about how bad a catcher Johnny Bench was. If he lived to see it, I’ll bet he told all his drinking buddies that he knew Bench would make it to the Hall of Fame.

I wish the ownership would move the franchise to a city like Nashville. A change of scenery might be good for everyone.

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