Game 126: Reds at Cardinals

Hamilton 8
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Mesoraco 2
Ludwick 7
Phillips 4
Pena 3
Cozart 6
Simon 1


Is Negron being punished for being .400/.429/.650 for the last 7 games. Just wondering because he has played 400 games at SS in the Minors, but Cozart is in the lineup again with his .240/.296/.280. I hope his defense is worth it, but I doubt it. Watch for the meek popup to the right side (he had 2 more again last night).

He also had a RBI double on Monday.

I am aware of that. Still feel Negron should be at SS. There are more than a few analysts and fans who think Cozart’s has an overall negative impact (I am one of them). Cozart’s runs created per game is just 2.56, which is good for No. 152 in baseball.

Cozart…last 6 games: 6/21 or .286.

OMG I just want us to win!!!! And tonight against St. Louis… We need some “DYNOMITE” in that dugout. The guys look like they are barely surviving. I know I am a Votto die hard fan, but I miss the guy. I am sure hoping he stays out the rest of season and returns STRONG and makes all the HATERS eat their words!! Especially Paul Daugherty–what’s with his attitude about Votto. He never stops running his mouth.
Change of subject–I was a Drew Stubbs fan, and I am sure in the minority, but look what being on another team has done for him. Is it so bad to be traded if you can produce with another team??? NO!!!!

Encarnarcion is another good example.

Unfortunately for him, and us, he was and is one of the worst fielding 3rd baseman. And, we didn’t have the luxury of propping/hiding him at 1B. At some point in his career, he has another career waiting as a DH for several years. The Reds had him for 4 1/2 years and clearly knew he could hit, but his fielding/throwing at 3B was absolutely abysmal.

Another game down; 37 to go. To win 85 games, the Reds would need to play .649 ball; a winning percentage they have not sustained over that many ball games this season. Therefore, I think we need to look more closely at the WC standings;
St. Louis 67 57 .540 –
San Francisco 65 58 .528 –
Atlanta 65 60 .520 1
Pittsburgh 64 61 .512 2
Miami 62 62 .500 3.5
Cincinnati 61 64 .488 5
…and even that race is getting pretty dicey for an in-n-outer team like the Reds.

Dicey is right. Don’t look over your shoulder ….. San Diego 58-65 .472 7 and playing tough.

Since AS: Cozart a hit in every 5.1 AB(96). Negron a hit in every 3.5 AB(70)
Last 7: 4.3 AB(26) 2.5 AB(20)

Sam LeCure NOT a Major League Baseball pitcher. Embarassing

Bryan Price needs to go

JJ Hoover NOT a Major League Baseball pitcher.Embarassing

Train wreck

Well one good thing, Broxton will be well rested when Price gets around to using him. After the first 2 runners got on it theoretically was a save the game situation. I’m afraid it’s over guys.

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