Achy shoulder for Chapman

Aroldis Chapman was not available on Monday night — a game the Reds lost by a 6-5 score in 10 innings to the Cardinals.

Chapman faced four batters and walked all of them before the Reds dropped a 10-9 heartbreaker to the Rockies in Game 1 of Sunday’s doubleheader. He threw 28 pitches.

“He’s just a little achy and it just doesn’t make sense at all for us to keep running him out there,” Reds manager Bryan Price said after a 6-5 loss to St. Louis in 10 innings. “He was a little achy [Sunday]. I didn’t want to say anything but he was. By the time we knew there might be an issue, the damage was done yesterday.

“Our trainers say it’s a day-to-day thing and that he could be ready to go soon. I’m not crossing him off our list for tomorrow by any means.”


Also not available were Sam LeCure and Carlos Contreras. Jonathan Broxton was being held back to close if there was a lead in extras. Fresh off the DL, Logan Ondrusek faced three batters in the 10th and retired nobody in his first game since July 12.


We were in trouble…now we are in the land of non-stainable success.
Ever heard the end of the “Pac Man” game?

So why wasn’t common sense used and Partch stayed and send down 1-9 Hoover who doesn’t deserve to stay on the major league roster???? Knowing Chapman was achy???. The front office sure has ruined this season for fans. From keeping 14 relivers one time. Keeping a short bench another time. Then play games with partch who has a .000 E.R.A. the Cubs will catch them soon. Last place Reds is all on Walt Jockety when it happens. His lousy team assembly. Not getting the team help at the all star break and deadline shows he had no plan to take the Reds to the next level. I’m not buying any more tickets till the Reds show a true commitment to go get better players to get to the next level. The window to win is almost closed. Makes me feel this will be a average team and ownership is ok with it. GRRRRRRR

Well said my friend ! Jocketty just tanks this year like we make the playoffs all the time ! We have had stretches of 10 to 15 years without sniffing the post season and this guy just sits there with his thumb up his ASS when this team needed help and when Simon and Bruce actually would have had trade value !

You know what’s strange ? We haven’t heard a peep from Castillini. What happened to the man who used to be hell bent on winning?

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Agree with Jim about Partch. Didn’t understand sending him down to bring up Ondrusek who had just pitched 2 innings for the Bats. Also, didn’t understand not using Partch when he was up. Don’t know how many games he’s been up for the Reds, but he has only 6 appearances all year. Small sample but has a lower WHIP than LeCure, Onbdrusek, Parra, Hoover, or Contraras. Would love to have back 5 or 6 of the losses that Hoover has.

As the 26th man Sunday, rules dictated that Partch had to go back down.

Thanks for clarifying. I do get confused on the rules surrounding who you can send down and who you can bring up. I do understand the 25 man and 40 man rosters. I don’t understand player options and such. Can you recommend a good source where it’s well explained in an understandable fashion.

I wish I could — but I really don’t know of one that has special explainers for those types of inside baseball things.

The fact that Price went with Logan where he did in his first game back from the DL is probably the dumbest move I have seen by an MLB manager this year. I mean, how stupid was that?

What took you so long. Dusty Price is not very bright. Maybe he lost his computer.

“You know what’s strange ? We haven’t heard a peep from Castillini. What happened to the man who used to be hell bent on winning?”
You are kidding right? Owners in MLB do not discuss their teams at any time during the year or season. Only clown-owners do…we can see the NY Yankees owner that loved to be in the news, but he was an anomaly. Which other owner could you identify in MLB that showed his mug and comments during the course of the season?
Totally inappropriate.

The message owners hold dearly is one message and only one….revenues. And revenues are created by ticket sales and concessions, typically followed by parking, TV deals and sponsorships. The good news is, I believe, for a small market team, the Reds are about to sign and receive a much rewarded TV/and/or/Cable deal worth multi millions. Stay tuned.

Castilini is getting his message to the fans ready for after season apology. The truth is Jocketty has made so many bad deals and contracts he is the culprit . Who has he really obtained that has been a godsend? Maybe the best is chappy.

Then why was Castillni front and center when he proclaimed he was sick of losing a year after he bought the team and was vocal about the Dayton Dragons losing ways early this year?

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