Game 125: Reds at Cardinals

Hamilton 8
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Mesoraco 2
Ludwick 7
Phillips 4
Pena 3
Cozart 6
Leake 1


I appreciate this lineup, at this time…as long as they are healthy. If Frazier or Phillips feels the least bit of discomfort, Negron is available for either position; Shumaker for the outfield positions. Overall, this lineup is our ‘strength’ lineup; any one of them could go deep at any time. Unfortunately, they also could SO often as well. What have we got to lose at this juncture and under these conditions (8.5 out)? Bottomline:
we gotta do what we can with what we got; no time to discuss other options.

I’m afraid that what we got ain’t good enough. So the lineup doesn’t make that much of a difference. I remain a die hard fan and will be rooting for a win tonight. GO REDS AND GO NOW!

…and I am afraid that you are correct. However, we must go down fighting or
we aren’t worth the fight, or a fight.

To bad BP doesn’t have much to come back to. Not too much opportunity for fun being out of the competition.

Philips the self acclaimed “Heart and Soul” of this team will continue to have fun if he gets some hits and RBI’s over the remaining course of the season, even if the Reds lose most of the games. It’s all about him. Ask the local media.

Brian Price needs to go

Another loss, another loss to the Cards, and Thom back in the booth. Please, someone tell me it can’t get any worse.

I think the team lost it’s spirit when nothing was done before trade deadline to add a bat . Management gave up on the season .

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