Sunday Game 1 lineup

Hamilton 8
Cozart 6
Bruce 9
Mesoraco 2
Pena 3
Negron 5
Schumaker 4
Heisey 7
Latos 1


I would have preferred to see Axlerod start 1st game and not allow the extra time for the stress to build over his first start for the Reds.

Come on Price!!!!!.. Negron gets 4 hits the very last game played and today you bat him 6th with Mr. Popup Cozart batting 2nd???? Cozart should never see anything above the 8th spot till he learns to STOP dropping his back shoulder.. His average reflects his constant failure at swinging the bat.. NOWAY i want him extra ABs to make outs!! Now they have Cozart and Bruce back to back who seem too have made the most outs on the team..!!! Goodness its like they have to “Price” proof the lineup like they did with Dusty last year with Choo!!

Another one of Price’s hunches? Bizarre. Cozart has a bad swing. Even Jeff Brantley has pointed it out. I wonder what the % is of times he has struck out, hit weakly to the LS of the infield, or popped up to the RS of the infield in either fair or foul territory as a result of his dropped shoulder. To me as I watch all the games it is a lot. The importance of his defense is overrated. I would rather have an average fielding SS that can hit.

JJ Hoover NOT a Major League Baseball pitcher. Embarrassing. Price needs to go

Price is a joke. I know they have injuries. But. Hoover and Broxton suck. Unless Chapman is hurt why isn’t he in the game

First of all, I have managed to eat my words concerning Cozart in the 2 hole for this game. They didn’t taste good and they didn’t go down easy. Price made a good call under the circumstances. Secondly, I am in a state of shock over the outcome. Very, very hard loss to stomach.

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