Frazier’s back still aching

Reds third baseman Todd Frazier is able to hit and walk around OK and even spent Sunday morning on an exercise bike to get loose. But his stiff lower back remained sore.

“Usually when I have this, it takes a couple of days. But it’s nagging right now. We’ll see how it goes,” Frazier said.

Frazier was not in the starting lineup for Game 1 on Sunday afternoon but penciled in for Game 2 vs. the Rockies on Sunday night.

The back problems started on Thursday when Frazier was injured swinging the bat against Jorge De La Rosa. He did not play on Friday and was not in Saturday’s lineup before the game was postponed.

“That was one I wasn’t going to play him [Saturday] even if he came in and said he felt good,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “I wasn’t going to play him for two games coming off the back injury. So I elected to play him in the second game against the lefty.”

Following the game, Frazier’s back will face another challenge of trying to sit on an airplane for a two-hour flight to St. Louis. How did he expect that to feel?

“That’s another great question,” Frazier replied. “Hopefully I get some extra space and I can lie down in a comfortable position.”


Excellent performance by Axelrod; 6 IP, 2 ER, a quality start. Too bad the relievers caved, in both games for that matter.

It was a very good outing for Axlerod. Disasterous outcome for Reds. Will need to sweep Cards to get back in it. Philips says he will be back tonight. In an interview in Dayton he said “Hopefully I can get back and help those guys out because they know I’m the heart and soul of this team.” Excuse me, but isn’t it normally the team that crowns a player “the heart and soul” of the team not the player himself. Typical Philips egomania. However, I hope he does help and I hope Frazier can play. If so, I hope Negron plays SS.

When does the team decide to get rid of Cozart and Bruce, they just don’t produce.

Remaining games: 38
28 of final 38 vs NL Central
10 vs Cards
6 vs Pirates
6 vs Brewers
6 vs Cubs
4 vs Braves
3 vs Orioles
3 vs Mets

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