Axelrod to start Saturday

The Reds announced Friday that RHP Dylan Axelrod will be called up from Triple-A Louisville to start vs. the Rockies on Saturday in place of Homer Bailey. No official transaction was completed to make room for Axelrod on the 40-man roster yet. That will likely come Saturday.

Axelrod, 29, appeared in 48 games – with 30 starts – for the White Sox from 2011-13 and had a 5.36 ERA. The Reds purchased him from Chicago on July 17. He is 2-1 with a 3.06 ERA in five starts since joining the Bats and worked a two-hit shutout to defeat Rochester on Aug. 5. On Monday, Axelrod worked 7 2/3 innings with four runs allowed for a win vs. Scranton-Wilkes Barre.

Assigned No. 40, Axelrod has yet to arrive in Denver.


I will be pulling for him to get the job done. Hope the offense supports him.

After the loss yesterday it’s clear this season will not see the Reds in the post season. Offense not championship caliber. Our pitching is their or very close. But our offense is a long way from being winners. Not sure how long getting good offense will take but that’s up to ownership. I’m also tired of hearing the injury excuse. World Series champions have injuries too. The difference is they have solid offense producing back ups.

Heck the guy has experience (look at Simon), He’s been in 48 G and pitched 198 IP in the bigs with 30 S. Not a bad choice for a stop-gap. Let’s see how he does for a first time in the NL.

Why does Price not have our two Home Run/RBI leaders in the game.
Price does not start the best eight players!
Third base coach Smith needs to go at the end of the year and maybe Price also.

Plus Hatcher

With a bit more consistency, Negron could make a case for being a starting 2nd baseman. And, if the Reds were of the mind to go after a tried and true RH power hitting LF, they certainly could put together a SP and Phillips in trade. More importantly, it would eliminate some major contract dollars both now and in the future.
Granted, nobody can field like Phillips, but when and if we have the opportunity to reduce dollars and allow for a strategic trade, I think we have to pull the trigger. As they say, you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Stagnant is not a positive position when a team is lacking talent and/or production, especially when we are playing in GABP.

Also, we need to let Ludwick go at the end of this season. With a combination of this and other moves, many salary dollars could be reduced while upgrading the team overall.

Suggest article by Tyler Grote on Bleacher Report. His suggestion because we need offense is to move Negron to SS when Philips comes back. Presents stats to support idea. I have expressed that Cozart defensively is great and may very well win a gold glove. The outstanding plays he has made that have impacted the outcome of a game are far outweighed by his lack of hitting overall and especially his lack of clutch hits. I’m sure not a popular view.

Unfortunately, that move doesn’t free up any salary dollars and doesn’t address our need for a RH power hitting LF/clean up hitter. This must be addressed.

Simon is not the same pitcher in the second half…
0-5 5.46 ERA in six starts.

Agree. That is why I think he needs to be skipped his next turn, even if you have to make another roster change. With our offense even a 4.76ERA wouldn’t cut it. I understand that Sept. 1 opens things up, but I don’t think we can wait until then.

From MLB Trade Rumors…
Designated for assignment by the Reds on Tuesday, outfielder Ryan LaMarre cleared release waivers and is now a free agent, tweets Cotillo. Cincinnati is talking with the 25-year-old about a new minor league deal, Cotillo adds.

Also from the MLB Trade Rumors…
The Reds announce that they have selected the contract of righty Dylan Axelrod. They’ve also moved Homer Bailey (neck) to the 15-day DL and Joey Votto (quadriceps) to the 60-day DL. Axelrod will start tonight’s game against the Rockies. The Reds acquired Axelrod from the White Sox in a minor trade in July, and since then he’s posted a 3.06 ERA with 6.1 K/9 and 1.3 BB/9 in 35 1/3 innings at Triple-A Louisville.
I sense that Votto is out until next season.

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