Saturday’s starter is TBA

Reds pitcher Homer Bailey, who was pushed back from Wednesday’s start because of right elbow stiffness, is now not making his re-scheduled start for Saturday.

The Reds game notes list the Saturday starter as “TBA.”

I know there was a report on Wednesday night about Bailey from the Enquirer saying he had a flexor mass injury. That hasn’t been revealed as of yet by the club. I will hope to have more when the clubhouse opens.

UPDATE: Bryan Price confirmed Bailey’s flexor mass strain and that he is headed to the DL. A replacement starter will be named on Friday. The Reds opted not to make a roster move today to get another bench player or reliever here.

As for who could replace Bailey…

LHP David Holmberg, who is on the 40-man roster, just pitched on Wednesday for Triple-A Louisville — so he is out of the question.

RHP Brett Marshall last pitched on Tuesday and was beat up for five runs and 11 hits over 5 1/3 innings. He is also having a rough season at 0-7 with a 7.29 ERA.

RHP Dylan Axelrod, who was picked up from the White Sox organization last month, last pitched on Monday for Louisville and Saturday would be his turn on normal rest. He’s also a bit of a hot hand as he is 2-1 with a 3.06 ERA in five starts since joining the Bats. He worked a two-hit shutout to defeat Rochester on Aug. 5 and worked 7 2/3 innings with four runs allowed for a win on Monday vs. Scranton-Wilkes Barre.

At Double-A Pensacola, top prospect Robert Stephenson last pitched on Saturday and another prospect, Michael Lorenzen, pitched on Sunday. Neither are on the 40-man. I’d be a little surprised if the Reds went with either of these guys.


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Why not release Hanahan and create a spot for on the 40 man roster and call up up Stephenson and give him a shot. He is our top prospect and #21 for MLB. Hanahan is a career .230 hitter and we have enough of those. Holmberg and Marshall haven’t impressed. There has to be a reason White Sox didn’t want Axelrod. Remember the job Cingrani did last year when given the opportunity. Do what the Cards did last year when they turned to their rookie pitchers. Let’s do something bold for a change. Lets think and act outside the box. GO REDS.

I like your thinking Strong. We have nothing to lose. We are barely on the fringe of the playoffs so why not see what we have. If he does well, it would give us extra flexibility to trade a starter in the off season since 4 of the 5 starters are not signed past 2015. With all that said, I doubt it will happen!

I hope it doesn’t happen. Rather see him come up when he is ready rather than being rushed up as a stopgap measure.

Maybe he’s ready. Nobody thought Hamilton was ready and he was left off of the playoff roster last year, which was a mistake.

I doubt it too Dave.
Pretty sad state of affairs. 2 players account for 5 of the 6 hits. #2,3,4 go 0/11. The offense continues to stink. And now it appears Simon is in trouble. The Reds can say what they want but I think his arm is worn out. No movement on the ball, comes in flat like Cingrani’s was doing before being sent down and ending up on the Bats DL. Reds are going to have to make some major moves very quickly.

There are several pitchers performing substantially better than Stephenson at the AA level. Stephenson isn’t exactly wowing anyone at the moment. Lively is probably the most impressive pitcher down there ATM based on performance and not potential.

You could be right, I could be wrong. I do think we have become so addicted to stats that keep expanding in complexity as technology provides the opportunity for it that we are losing our ability to recognize the human factors that allow one person to suceed and another of equal talent to fail. The Reds seem to cling to the “hanger ons” and that is what I would like to see change. Hey, I’m just a fan throwing out my thoughts. GO REDS, PLEEEEEAAAASE!

You dont start the clock on anyone too early unless you have to. Wait till Sept and play this right to see if they are ready for next year if at all. I dont want to sacrifice any of our young talent on a wasted year unless you know they are coming up next year. I think they played Billy Hamilton perfect. Get Ludwick, Schumaker, Parra, Hannahan and Broxton on the waver wire to see if someone will plucks them out. Then when Phillips is back do the same. If anyone claims let them have them except Broxton, I would want something in return. Even Phillips if they claim him with that money let them have him. That sets up our payroll nicely for next year.

Add Ondrusek your list.

There will be plenty of time to bring up a host of players in only a couple of weeks (expand to 40). They just need to figure out who is ready now to fill in for Bailey; that’s why the Reds have rating scouts and minor league managers.

I think they need to skip Simon’s next start also. He needs rest and hope that brings back his performance level. Of course nothing is going to change things without some offensive production.

Price already discussed this point. He basically said that Simon needs to pitch through this to the end of the season. Simon gave up some R this last outing but his velocity was very good; his off speed stuff and location was not. Also, remember that in his previous 5 games, although he lost 4 he had an ERA of 2.80. Not so sure he is way off form. Seems to have run into a Colorado team that was swinging from the heels and Simon ‘holed’ his pitches. In any event, he will pitch in his next start.

So the Reds were one of the teams opposed to Manfred. I wonder what the reasoning was… Or if they just supported the other canditate.

Same reason I”m opposed to Manfred. Selig was commissioner for 22years to long and Mandfred is his clone.

So under Mandfred we can be ensured of a few things.
1. softness towards steroid users
2. continue to allow the Yankees and Dodgers to have an unfair salary balance. Why not move towards the salary cap that the NFL is using? NFL has grown massively since the implementation of the salary cap.
3. Pete Rose will continue to be banned from baseball.
4. Small Market teams will continue to be unable to compete for big names.
5. The Milwaukee Brewers will continue to be a “protected” franchise considering that Selig was once the owner.

Selig will be danced into the Hall of Fame despite the ridiculous events under his watch. Fans of Selig like to mention how high revenue is up but anyone who isn’t brain dead could have led major league baseball into higher revenues…. it is called inflation, it is called driving the prices so high that families can no longer bring there children, it is called forcing every major league baseball team to use one website that is controlled by Major League Baseball.

@Neb. I’m missing something. The announcers last night said Simon’s ERA since AS break was 4.78. His ERA last night was 9.00. I don’t know where the 2.80 ERA comes from for his last 5 starts. Price saying Simon has to work through it to the end doesn’t make it a wise decision necessarily.

Strong…I think you and the announcers are right. I will go over the numbers again this weekend and report.

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