Game 120: Red Sox at Reds (UPDATED)

A new Reds lineup has been posted as of 11:15 am. Jay Bruce was scratched because he is sick.



Honestly, how many times can a manager let a batter who is obviously struggling, your number 8 hitter and is lucky to be hovering around 220 make the last out? Managers have been pinch hitting for #8 hitters since baseball was invented! I know there isn’t much on the bench but seriously, what good did Ludwick do in the on deck circle? I’ve said this a few times now but Bryan Price is a good Pitching Coach let’s get a good Manager to work with him.

Concerning Cozart I agree. This years draft pick Bandino has already been promoted to Dayton. For someone just drafted that looks good. However, the article inferred that he would possibly be moved from SS to 3rd which didn’t make sense to me. We need someone coming up at SS who can HIT and field to replace Cozart who is an offensive liability most of the time, which I don’t see getting any better.

What bench? I said in Jan,Feb, March and April, and here we are in August….. I know it gets old…. The team with the most runs wins the game… THE REDS lack a front line Power hitter that drives IN RUNS. RBI’s win games… Even The greatest four man rotation in MLB in any era needed an RBI guy…. Look at all the stats in MLB currently …The Reds are near the bottom of ALL teams in RBI’s….Lack of RBI’s = More losses…. How many one run losses will this Reds team have at the end of the year?????

Oh How I miss: Tony Perez; Lee May; George Foster; Deron JOhnson; NOw these guys could drive in runs…..

BY the way: Price plays the cards he is dealt…. Walt controls the cards…. Once in awhile you get lucky with deuces, BUt it is better to have a few aces…… BP and JV being hurt does not help the situation, but even with this dynamic right side duo,,, Going into the season we needed a SS that could at least hit for a decent average and a left fielder that could do the same and drive in the runs, missed by Votto and BBBBBRRRUUUCCCCEEE…. Walt never got that trigger pulled in the off season. AKA….small market hand – cuffs..

We can’t sign everyone and we continue to need a power RH bat and LF. Could we have made a run for this guy?
“The left fielder (Cespedes) has reached base in all nine games since being acquired in the Jon Lester deal with Oakland before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. He’s batting .263 with seven RBIs and as many runs over that stretch, but has been particularly clutch in the past two games.”
Having ample and superb SP is great and is necessary, but without other pieces to the puzzle we will continue to play in a quagmire; repeating game after game, where we eek out a R or two and attempt to win a one-R game while pitching Broxton in the 8th and Chapman in the 9th. Formula works a great deal, but not every time and we need it to work now and consistently. We need a big, big RH bat if we want to play for the brass ring.

One other note…Cespedes can file for FA in 2016 and his contract pays him $10.5m for 2015. Ludwick makes $9.5m and odds are he won’t be around after this season.
Also, Cespedes is 28. Too bad, we might have been able to trade a SP that is making a great deal, or will be making a great deal in the future. However, now, it’s just spilled milk and frustration. The good news is that the Brewers lost yesterday;
we could have been buried by now with better play on their part.

Good news BP starts his rehab at Louisville Friday

In Hal McCoys column today there was a quote from Jocketty concerning Cespedes being available from the Athletics: “I didn’t think they’d trade him and I was shocked when they did.” Nice job Walt, evidently you didn’t seriously look into the possibility.

GREAT point and comment…. But Lester was the price correct?

The Reds are 60-59. Of their 59 losses, 27 or 46% were 1 R losses.

So, so sad. With any kind of clutch hitting we would be in 1st place. Instead we are like a dog chasing it’s own tail, going in circles, and getting nowhere.

Reds really like Cozart at SS. He leads all SS in DWAR (Defensive Wins Above Replacements). Obviously it would be nice to see him hit .270 on a consistent basis, however his defense is beyond compare; especially when married to Phillips at 2B.
It is very hard for me to think there is a better up-the-middle defensive triangle; Cozart-Phillips-Hamilton.

BTW…Cozart is on track to contend for the GG this season.

The one thing I’m tired of is excuses. I just don’t want to hear it. Be honest with the fans. Can our offensive woes be dealt with this year in time to help this team? The Boston Red Sox are a horrible team and we could not win one game! Pitching is fine offense is horrible. Are their guys at the minors that will fix our offense? If so then fine I’m willing to wait a little longer but boy if we are ever going to contend for a World Series someone better have a plan because in a few years these outstanding Reds pitchers won’t be affordable to us anymore then your talking a total rebuild. So something better be coming down the pike. Good day!

This is why Cozart does and should stay in the lineup guys:

I think my point was missed (first comment) in that they should pinch hit for Cozart late in the game. Throughout the history of the game weak hitting SS’s bat eighth in a line up and are pinch hit for late in the game in a crucial situation. Cozart is an outstanding fielder and should be in the game but Price needs to manage each game. Make a few decisions here and there instead of watching with his arms crossed and a bewildered look on his face.And we’re just killing the term ‘He’s playing with the cards he was dealt with’!! He’s a major league manager that doesn’t manage situations in close games and the Reds record is indicative of it!!

The Reds record is indicative of one MAJOR ISSUE that was apparent way before this season started….NO consistent RBI production….
Price had nothing to do with the lack of obtaining a consistent “bopper” to drive in runs in pre-season, or before the trading deadline…. Prce can make all the decisions he wants or you /anyone want(s) him to make…But the cards he is dealt are sitting on that bench…..and they are all deuces, not aces….
There is still not a BAT to count on for consistent RBI production–Price does not BAT…THAT IS THE ISSUE… Not Price’s Stance or Face during the game.OR here and there BS… To many… the Price facial expressions says…”shit when is Walt going to get rid of all these “hand me down” & St Louis C. cast off players …..Ludwick, Shumacker, etc etc.. and get me some first line talent in offensive slots 10 thru 15.”… Also…Where are the minor league scouts….?

Again the point I was trying to make is missed. I’m talking simple baseball and how it’s played not ‘what if’s’ but what’s the difference when we’re talking about a 500 team at best…………

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