Elbow stiffness for Bailey

Reds pitcher Homer Bailey is being pushed back from his next start because of elbow stiffness. Instead of pitching Wednesday vs. the Red Sox, Bailey will go Saturday at Colorado.

(Correcting earlier version:) Mike Leake pitches Wednesday against Boston followed by Alfredo Simon and Johnny Cueto vs. the Rockies.

Manager Bryan Price did not believe this was a serious issue for Bailey. It wanted to give him the extra four days as a precaution.

Updated quote:

“As much as we would have liked to have given everybody the extra day off, it didn’t make any sense at all to ask Homer to go out there and try to throw through some unusual stiffness in his elbow,” Price said. “We’re pretty optimistic that by Saturday, he’s going to be good to go.”


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Concerned. Didn’t Bailey just get pushed back for knee. Now the elbow. Biggest concern though is the Reds are never concerned and tend to get ambushed later when things are found to be more serious. Just seems to me that this happens too frequently.

This sets up Cueto to pitch against the Cards. This may work out for the best.

yeah nothing to worry about, how many times have we heard that before? wasn’t Latos injury not considered serious when it happened early in spring training and he was out how long? Pingback is right this it is nothing serious turns out to be serious way to often. they should send him to Louisville to get it checked out to be safe. remember there was nothing wrong with Cingrani until they sent him there and they found he had been pitching with tendonitis all year.

I doubt the Reds would recognize an arm problem with Monte Python’s Black Knight. Maybe it’s Dusty Baker’s legacy? Look at Alfredo Simon’s last five starts and his innings pitched each year since 2010. He’s already fifty-six innings over last year and obviously tired. But they’ll send him in to get slaughtered at Colorado rather than skip him and get him some rest.

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