Masters of escape

Manny Randhawa did a nice job filling in for me the last few home games on while I took some vacation.

For the off day story today, Manny did a story on the pitching staff and their success this season in pitching out of jams.

Read it here:

*In today’s news, Johnny Cueto was named the NL Player of the Week. Cueto and Aroldis Chapman are the only two Reds to take the honors this season.

I will be back on the case Tuesday for the Red Sox series, followed by the road trip to Colorado and St. Louis.


Welcome back. Your previous post took on a life of its own while you were gone. Appreciate the blog and the opportunity to contribute.

Yeah – pretty funny.

Top three teams to win WS (as of August 11th)…
Detroit Tigers……………………9/2
Los Angeles Dodgers………..9/2
Oakland Athletics……………..9/2

I wonder if that will change tomorrow for Detroit. Verlander only lasted an inning against Pirates. Has sore shoulder to be evaluated tomorrow. KC should move into 1st if they beat Oakland.

Time is running out…Reds are 60-58 (.508)…
44 games to go…
If we can play .682 (win percentage) ball, we could end up 90-72.
If we can play .568 ball, we could end up 85-77.
Winning 90 games is doubtful; winning 85 will be very difficult.
And, we are clearly making it more difficult as we stand 5.5 games out of the
division lead and we are behind 3 other teams, due to our hot-cold play. I
sense that the Reds are going to need a lot of help in order to have any
chance of winning the Division. However, the good news is that there
are, once again, two slots for the WC. And, with more consistent winning
play, the Reds certainly have a shot at one of those two slots (currently
2.5 games out of WC #1).

Reds next three series…# games…record this season…
vs. Red Sox…2 games…0-2
@ Colorado…4 games…2-1
@ St. Louis…3 games…3-6
5-9 .357 win percentage.

Need to go 7-2 for the 9 games. Look what KC has done to the AL Central by getting on a run. They have also changed the dynamic of the AL wild card race. We need to not worry about scoreboard watching but to go on a run and take care of business ourselves. The attitude is that every game from here on is a must win. GO REDS.

They did it once already. They should have taken care of business this past weekend. I dont understand where this team goes at times and why certain pitchers just shut this team down. That Miami pitcher was not great at all. Shut the Reds offense down twice in a row.

This team needs to go 6-0 or 5-1 in the next two series. These are two of the worst teams in baseball. They need to take care of business. If they can do that, they are right back in the hunt heading to St Louis.

Agree. Let’s get Atlanta out of the picture and continue to move on.

Doesn’t help when efforts undermined by a 3rd base coach who will go nameless!

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