Reds 4 1/2 games back

The Reds are behind three teams in the NL Central and came out of the All-Star break ice cold. Yet here they are, just 4 1/2 games behind the first-place Brewers with a 56-55 record with 51 games remaining after a 7-3 win over the Marlins. The Reds took three of four in the series, their first series victory after the All-Star break.

Many fans, at least the ones who commented on this blog and on my Twitter feed, weren’t happy the Reds didn’t swing a trade at the deadline on Thursday. Some wanted the team to sell. But at 4 1/2 games out in the division and with the NL Wild Card still very much in play, it’s still too early to count Cincinnati out.

I used this in my game story, but Reds pitcher Mike Leake has definitely been the most vocal in wanting the team to make moves to help. Leake had this to say today.

“We had a chance to take all four, at least we got out of here with three out of of our, that’s always a good job,” Leake said. “It’s much better than coming out of here 2-2. We’re still in this. We’ve still got a chance, if we put ourselves in a good position and Walt [Jocketty] in a good position, I feel like he’ll put his cards in this year. It’s up to the players and up to us whether we want to bear down and make it a good year or if we want to kind of throw it in.”

The team is headed to Cleveland, but I am not. I will be off for about a week. There will be no blog Monday or Tuesday but Manny Randhawa will handle it for the rest of the week.


Good job. Enjoy your week off!

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It would seem that if the Reds win 34 of their remaining games, which is 67 % wins and they’ll have 90 wins total, they should make the playoffs, possibly win the division. It also means they can only lose 17 games. It would help a lot if they can get Phillips back by mid August. I don’t expect Votto back until, maybe the playoffs, which would be great.

Afraid to get my hopes up, but I can’t seem to help myself. This was the kind of game I’ve been waiting to see since AS break. All around team effort. Negative point would be how long until you give up on Hoover. Very scary when he is used.


Don’t get your hopes up Strong. Management is not committed to winning They will just feed us the same old rhetoric about protecting the future ,which never seems to get here . At least in their view. We’ll all be dead before this team competes for a World series Championship !!!

What do you expect them to do? The payroll is highest in the Central. Its higher than the Cards. You can call it inability to manage a payroll or signing poor contracts. But they are apparently committed to spend some money.

At age 72 I’m running out of years to wait. Have to hope and dream, because sometimes reality sucks. The Reds broke my heart in San Diego and again after AS break; hate to give them a 3rd chance but………….

By David Schoenfield | ESPN.comWith John Lackey and Justin Masterson, the St. Louis Cardinals are the team to beat in the NL Central.
Prediction: The Pirates win the Central.
The Cardinals remain the favorite, according to our playoffs odds, and Lackey pitched seven strong innings on Sunday to win his Cardinals debut, but I’m going with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Here’s the thing about Lackey and Masterson: The Cardinals’ rotation was pretty good before the trades; Lackey and Masterson may be upgrades over what Joe Kelly and Carlos Martinez would have done the rest of the season, making the trades important, but they aren’t necessarily an improvement over what the Cardinals had received so far from their various starters in those slots. The Cardinals are eighth in the majors with a 3.47 rotation ERA, and I don’t expect them to do much better than that moving forward.
The St. Louis offense, meanwhile, is still next to last in the NL in runs scored. In what should be a three-team race down to the wire, the Pirates are my pick. One major reason: Francisco Liriano. In four starts since coming off the DL, he has a 1.96 ERA. He’s looking more like the guy who was so good last year. If they can get Gerrit Cole back from his lat strain — he was scratched from his Saturday start and instead threw a bullpen session — even better. Note: If the injury to Andrew McCutchen’s side that forced him out of Sunday’s game proves serious, all bets are off.

By Jason Rosenberg |
Early trade deadline thoughts: More swings and misses: In recent years, the Reds have repeatedly swung and missed at the trade deadline. Last season they were the only major league team that didn’t make a single move in July or August. Other general managers come up with ideas that worked for each other and their owners. Steve Mancuso wonders if this indicates a failure of market evaluation.

This may be a stupid question, but is it possible that Walt is not liked by other GM’s and therefore is not seriously worked with as regards trades?

I have no idea. But what I do know is what is reality. We didn’t make a trade for an RBI producing R-handed bat. And, as the above chart shows us, we have got to see more R production. Imagine if our stellar SP wasn’t doing the job they have the last few seasons. In 2011 our RS/RA differential was .10 and they finished below .500. Now, this season our RS/RA differential is .12 and we seem to be heading, once again, toward a dismal finish. What is really annoying is that we seem to be sitting on our hands hoping for a different outcome, game after game, playing anyone that can pick up a glove or bat. If we don’t have the $$$ and we aren’t moving forward this season, let’s start looking at 2015 and start the process; there is no way on god green’s earth that we will be able to sign Leake, Latos, Cueto, Simon and others to new contracts. And, time is running out. If true, why not make some trades that benefit the team while we have some tradable time left on their current contracts. I would offer that maybe Jocketty hasn’t found a fit, but with the quality we have to trade, I find it difficult to think that we couldn’t find a match somewhere out there. Maybe August will be our rebuild month, for the future.
Lastly, one thing about Price…he might make up some eye brow raising lineups every other day, but he doesn’t swing the bat for these guys and he doesn’t run the bases. I say that to say that maybe our current group just isn’t as good as many think they are.

Bigblu. Committed to spending doesn’t necessarily mean committed to winning. They could have picked up Johnny Gomes for a song and a dance . He;s arguably better than anyone they put out in left field now. Management has failed to do anything to improve this team since Sin Soo Choo. We get the same old company lines after every trade deadline. Maybe abetter way to put it is that they don’t seem to what they want and(or) how to do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agree with your statement but Johnny Gomes and his .230 average is not what this team needs. It needs a big bat that probably wasnt available. And no its not worth Byrd either. Way too much and Phily wanted too much. If I am the Reds, I look at Aug deadline and if they are less than 3 games out, then I find a bat somewhere. But if they are forth place 3 games maybe not.

Neb . You are correct. Dusty Price is , however , responsible for spring training and teaching and reviewing hitting , base running , fielding , and situational baseball.If anyone thinks that major league baseball players do not need to go over these things , they are sadly mistaken. Case in point, the 2014 Cincinnati Reds!!!!!!!!!!!

There have been few pitchers/ pitching coaches that have become successful managers. The thought is they don’t relate to everyday players. On the other hand former catchers have done well because they relate to both. If I was an everyday player I would be confused and unsure of my position or worth to this team, because so many times the lineups just make no sense, at least to me.

Bigblu .Point well taken. I think Gomes would at least give them a strong personality which they seem to lack

Yes agree with that. I like his attitude always have. Nothing wrong with a nice bench bat.

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