Statement from MLB

Major League Baseball issued the following statement today regarding the play at home plate in the top of the eighth inning of last night’s Cincinnati Reds-Miami Marlins game at Marlins Park and the replay judgment that resulted in overturning the initial ‘out’ call, allowing the run to score because of a violation of Official Baseball Rule 7.13:

“The Replay Official judged that the catcher did not provide a lane to the runner and hindered his path to the plate without possession of the ball. The throw also did not force the catcher into the runner’s pathway. As a result, in accordance with Rule 7.13, the ruling on the field was overturned and the run was allowed to score.
“We realize that people may reasonably have different opinions regarding the application of Rule 7.13 in any particular instance because it is a judgment call. We are continuously evaluating the application of the new rule, and we anticipate a full review with all appropriate parties in the off-season in order to determine whether any changes should be made. We also recognize that the exorbitant length of last night’s review, which was more than three times the season average, must be avoided in the future.
“That said, the most important goal of this rule has been to eliminate dangerous collisions at home plate, and it cannot be disputed that the rule has been very effective toward achieving this purpose.”


No matter the call does anyone really think the crew chief would tell Redmond that he didn’t think call was right.I certainly don’t.Kind of one of those umpire unwritten rules.

Hey people! None of this would have transpired, IMO, if it hadn’t been yet ANOTHER case of Smith’s ill-advised sending of someone again from 3rd. That’s what set up this debacle at home. Was only one out at the time, and Stanton has a gun from RF. Apparently he is not to be accountable for the wreckage caused by his actions.

Agree. Ruling was correct, lucky for the Reds. If catcher had waited for the ball he would have easily got Cozart at home…unlucky for Marlins. Bad call again in sending him. I like aggressive baserunning but not stupidity.

R3…agreed. Not even a close play. Smith has done this time and time again;
Price agrees and justifies his failed attempts. Management on the field and in the dugout isn’t on a par of past successful participants.

Imagine that! Not sending a runner when the Right Fielder is about halfway home and running right toward the plate. I think you’re needed at 3rd base tonight Rounding 3rd.

Am I crazy but why cant the catcher play the ball the same way as second and third base. They are taught to strattle the bag and apply the tag. You never see colisions there except from slides. This same technique can be used at home.

Its different when you’re receiving from right field. I always thought the best place was behind the plate – on the 3rd base side but if the throw is off toward 3rd you have to cut in front of the plate. Its just awkward and you don’t really know where the runner is. Sometimes I thought the pitcher should take the throw from right if he was right handed.

I would think the catcher COULD straddle home plate, but not block home plate from the runner. I think Cozart literally won that game when he was tagged and immediately complained about the plate being blocked. If he doesn’t complain immediately, as he did, he would have been out. That kind of made up for at least one of his “O fers” this season. It’s nice that
he knows the rules.

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