Now, this is a collection…

The Museum of Bobbleheads is on the main concourse of Marlins Park. I saw more than a handful of Reds fans checking it out. One of the cooler, and more unexpected, things about it was that cases automatically shake so the dolls’ heads move. That was pretty outstanding.




Ha! Really cool! Great version of Cueto.

It is really cool. Never knew it existed. Thanks.

Excerpt from MLB Trade Rumors…
Acquired first baseman Harold Riggins from the Rockies in exchange for right-hander Jair Jurrjens. Other than this trade, the Reds didn’t do anything more in July, and they’re another team that could be more active in August simply because they might not know if they’re contenders yet. Cincinnati is 55-54 despite major injuries to several key players (i.e. Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips) and a brutal 2-10 slide following the All-Star break. It seemed like the Reds themselves were on the fence about being buyers or sellers given that they checked in on Bonifacio and Alex Rios yet were also listening to offers for Mat Latos and Ryan Ludwick. Like with Pittsburgh, a lack of available payroll space played a role in Cincinnati’s inaction, so moving Latos or Ludwick could’ve been ways of freeing up salary and (in Latos’ case) trading a big chip to help elsewhere on the Major League roster than add prospects.

Wow…what a collection. Look pretty good in your den, eh? Thanks Mark.

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