No Reds trades

So the Reds wound up not buying or selling. GM Walt Jocketty will speak to reporters around game time.

I will update you later with what Jocketty said on


Not really surprised by this, though I suspect next year will be quite different.

There are a lot of hard decisions to be made in the offseason and maybe before next years trade deadline. I hope the Reds organization is up to it.

Is anyone really surprised by this? Uncle Walt keeps proving he’s the most impotent GM in baseball. And Mr. Castellini should realize this is a business, not a family. smh

I guess those players who wondered whether it was time to “mail it in” have their answer now.

Just sucks.. they refuse to better the team last year at both trade deadlines and all Reds fans have to keep waiting for that so called “Future” we fans have yet to see.. !!!! I bet it told the players they can’t compete now for a World Championship because they are holding out for that future one in 10 years.. GR. Please select to Mark Cuban. He will do his best to get the Reds fans a Championship in the present. Not some carp shot like in the future that hasn’t existed since 1990. We Reds fans dreamed we would get what Cardinals get. A trip to the World Series often. All we get are false promises. Makes it seem 82-80 is all the owner strives for. Not the prize like the Cardinals go for EVERY YEAR as their goal

Walt is a total worm and horrible baseball man now , check what happens to the attendance now

If they refuse to fill the holes on this team, then I refuse to fill their seats!

I get that everyone is upset, but I think everyone is delusional about what was available and what the Reds can afford. It is easy to say you want to replace this guy or that guy, but the reality is there was no one available that was worth going after to fill their needs. The only big trades that happened yesterday were for starting pitchers. The one area that is clearly the strength of this team. Trading the future to pick up another over priced mediocre bat does nothing to help this team. I think the reality is that if everyone was healthy this year it may have made a difference. We went in to the season with our questions being around the young guys in Frazier, Mes, and Hamilton. They have all delivered, there core of Votto, Phillips and Bruce that we were not worried about have been injured or not effective due to injury. If the core guys would have produced like expected to go along with the production we have gotten out of the young guys then they may have been in position to add a piece here or there, but they aren’t. Also comparing to the Cardinals is not fair. The Cardinals have been selling out games for years, even before they were good, so even though you may think of them as a smaller market, they are not. They operate as a big market team. Its easy to make deals when you are a big market team.

Who does Yoenis Cespedes pitch for again? And are you and Bob Castellini so tight the he shares his financial details with you?

Not that he would not have been a nice piece to have, but we dont have a match for him. Boston gave up a top pitcher for 2 months. We would be over selling if we gave up one of our pitchers. So what do we give up? Oakland wanted a top pitcher now. I would say maybe Simon would have been worth it if they would have taken him.

Agree. The key is Votto & Philips staying healthy and returning to form. Also Bruce getting his eye, form, and swing back. If they do, that opens up all kinds of opportunities in the offseason to come up with solutions. Don’t forget Winker is forecast as ML ready going in to next year. If the Reds are out of it come September ( I sure hope not), I would like to see our upcoming talent get all the playing time they can.

Winkler is on DL and not expected to return this year. Which Votto and Phillps do you expect to see in 2015.

Winkler is not expected to return to the minors; he is expected to mend by the end of August. Therefore, he could be able to come up in September and play some number of games for the Reds, should they so select.

Maybe when the dodgers fall short again this year, they will come begging for Latos and we can have a pick of their top prospects. Wouldnt mind that…

I don’t think I would mind that either, given that we won’t be able to re-sign all that need to be resigned over the next few seasons, added to the normal increases of ARB and FA. While some very talented guys are available and controllable, I think we will see some action soon. The good news is, whether many want to hear it or believe it, is that Jocketty doesn’t just give stuff away; he’s a shrewd back-yard-sale kinda guy that won’t just trade to trade. We all need to give him credit thus far; it’s not his
fault that the players we have are either hurt or playing sub-par.

Cespedes was traded for John Lester and Johnny Gomes plus cash. The Reds were not able to make that kind of a deal. It would have been like trading Cueto and Ludwig and paying some of there salary to pick up another $10M .250 hitter. Cespedes is a very good power hitter, but he lacks plate discipline and is lazy on the base paths, how would that help this Reds team this year? I would argue that it would hurt them more than help them. The A’s have a chance to win this year (unlike the Reds unfortunately), they have a much more narrow window than the Reds as many of their players will be free agents next year or the year after. The A’s know that they won’t be able to afford Cespedes when his contract is up after next season, and so do the Reds.

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