Marlins Park makes 30

In a stat that will likely be meaningful to only me, this four-game Reds-Marlins series marks my first time at Marlins Park since it opened. For whatever reason, I wasn’t on the trips here the previous two seasons.

But by going to Target Field in Minneapolis for the All-Star and now here, I have now been to all 30 current Major League ballparks. My total number is 41 when you add the following places no longer existing as MLB stadiums:

Riverfront Stadium (CIN)
Old Yankee Stadium (NYY)
Shea Stadium (NYM)
Metrodome (MIN)
Joe Robbie Stadium (FLA)
County Stadium (MIL)
Tiger Stadium (DET)
Cleveland Municipal Stadium (CLE)
RFK Stadium (WAS)
Olympic Stadium (Montreal)
Veterans Stadium (PHI)

For honorable mention — I’ve also been to Three Rivers Stadium (PIT), the Astrodome (HOU) and Memorial Stadium (BAL) but that was to cover NFL games

I will try to post some more pictures of Marlins Park when I can.






Mark…congratulations! I know this is special for you and yours. Thanks for all the super photos. Now, since you visited all these ballparks, which, in your estimation
is the best ballpark overall and why? (let’s eliminate GABP so you can answer without
prejudice). I know there are lots of markers for the question, but let’s stick to your general comments overall.

GABP would not be in my top 5 anyway, Neb. It’s not a bad park at all and it’s gotten much better since 2006 when I got on the beat, but it doesn’t overly wow me either. If it was facing the skyline of Cincinnati, this might be a different conversation. The best two are AT&T Park in SF and Safeco Field in Seattle. Beautiful and original looking places. San Francisco has the best atmosphere by far. Seattle’s park is really nice and love the fact that you still get the elements from outside even with the roof closed.

Mark, I don’t know anything about the new parks but there are some *bad* stadiums in your defunct list! I have a soft spot for Riverfront just because I saw so many cool moments there, but no one would confuse it with a good ballpark. I only wish people wouldn’t get so ooey-gooey when talking about Fenway – an uncomfortable place to sit, with obstructed views, and an outfield arranged more like a pinball machine than a place to play baseball. Although, I will say we had great times in the bleachers, in the years before people started abusing blowup dolls out there. Now I suppose the bleachers are replaced by real seats. Doesn’t matter – still a lousy stadium.

Ok…Brewers are at Cards for three; we are at Marlins for three.
I guess we have to root for the Cards to take two of three, while we sweep the Marlins; that would put us three and one half back on Monday morning.
I really wish I was a fly on the wall in Jocketty’s office when the calls came
in; re: “we want Latos and we’ll give you *blank*”. Obviously the incoming offer was not all that great, and it has to be…Latos is not a piece of burnt toast.
Why the fuss/thought about Bonifacio? Because it would have allowed the Reds
to trade Phillips for a more substantial piece; maybe a LF clean up.

I was fussing because I wanted Negron to be given a chance. Would have not minded if they got him to replace Santiago. Although it might have helped in trading Philips, that can still be done, if he stays healthy. Will have to wait and see how aggressive they are in the offseason. I’ll have to admit I was a little close minded on the subject, which is why I probably don.t get calls from Reds management asking for my opinion.

DWP…I understand. And, I think Negron will one day have a very good chance to play 2B. However, I also think that the current manager will never hand a position to a rookie based on only a hand full of games in which they have done well. JMO
of the current manager and his thinking, based on a short list of previous decisions
made by him. We have to remember, as much as we criticize the current manager, he has only managed for 108 games showing a result of .500 ball. Unfortunately for him, I for one have passed judgment that he is one of the best pitching coaches I have ever seen, yet he does not have the qualities I would like to see as a manager of my ball club. And as you so eloquently pointed out, nobody is breaking down my door either to hear what I have to say about the subject; Mark just makes it possible.

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