Game 108: Reds at Marlins

Hamilton 8
Negron 4
Frazier 5
Ludwick 7
Pena 2
Heisey 9
Hannahan 3
Cozart 6
Cueto 1


Santiago is not in the line up. Do you think Jocketty had him pulled for a blockbuster trade? There are 3 starters in this line up, which includes Cozart and his sub .240 average…

This is a poorly mismanaged organization from top to bottom. Castellini needs to sell and get back hoeing tomatoes and doing what he knows,

Done with Price(DWP). This thing about Pena being Cuetos catcher is ridiculous. If Mes had not been on the DL at the start, he would have caught Cueto. So Pena catches Cueto, Cueto wins, and now Pena is his catcher. The team is in a freefall and he has Mes on the bench and Hanaahan at 1st. With the power hitting Ludwick batting cleanup. If Cueto needs his own personal catcher, then IMO he isn’t what I expect as a Cy Young contender. What about the team? Go Reds, I hope.

Mark pointed this out in one of his articles on…
Mesoraco, who is 7-for-19 with two homers in his last five games, has caught for Cueto in four starts this season, with the last time coming on July 13 vs. the Pirates. Cueto is 3-1 with a 2.93 ERA over those four outings.

Nothing done at all. I’m no baseball expert but the definition of insanity us doing the same thing and expecting different results. I agree not much was out their to help this Reds team and I agree with not depleting our farm for one player when we need so much. But how are we going to get this baseball organization to a World Series on just hope alone? I can only assume the Reds organization have given up on this season and will likely look to sale and buy players at the end of the year and hope to catch lightning in a bottle next year.

Strong, I have said all year that having a personal catcher is ridiculous.Dusty did it with Bailey and now Dusty Price does it. He learned from Baker. This organization is in bad shape. It will be nothing but same ole, same ole when Jocketty addresses the press. They don’t want to blow up the organization up and make a trade just to make a trade. Bla , Bla ,Bla !!! The fact of the matter is the Reds are sattled with Ludwick’s,, Bruce’s and Votto’s contracts and they are to sell. Besides , who in their right mind would want Ludwick.

Sad state of affairs.

I hope things get better. It’s easy I know to critisize when I’m just a fan. Certainly no baseball expert. But it seems we get close every year but never close enough. On occasion division champs and never national league champs not to mention World Series champs. It just seems we are headed toward major rebuilding if we don’t win before Vatto and others reach the end of their contracts. I was Jocketty’s biggest fan when he first came hear. After all he done in St. Louis. But my confidence is fading. Just depressed. At least I Got My UK Wildcats. Good Day.

I was very surprised we did nothing. They could have traded off some of the Higher salaries and stated they needed to look for the future and I would have been ok with that. They could have traded some mid level prospects for some additional talent and to help us this season and the future and I would have been ok with that…but to do nothing is a pure result of failure. Who ever is pulling the strings, they need to stop “waiting for things to turn around”. We said that now way to long. Do something to show the fans that we are going to make this ball club better. 15 out of our top 20 prospects are pitchers and we could not have swung a deal for someone???? Anyone????

I love the Reds. I like Walt Jocketty but it seems to me that we are stuck in a rut the past few years. Close but no Cigar. I also like the Idea of protecting, boosting, and building our farm system from the inside out and top to bottom. I would never bust our farm system for anything less than a very good shot at the world series. Like I said I don’t think the hitting was their at trade deadline. We need more than one hitter to stay in this thing. I love the way Bill Hamilton is progressing and I think if he keeps it up he’s our lead off hitter. We have two big bats out of the lineup and they are just hard for replace in a trade without giving up way to much. I think we have to give Walt a couple more years. We are in a small market and I think we just keep all we can through contracts and see what we have next year or the year after. But a point will come when it either works or it doesn’t. The farm either produces a world series contender or it doesn’t. When that point has been reached is above my pay grade. But if that time comes then you bust the farm and start over rebuilding it. At the point where winning is obviously not going to be produced by the current farm players then you trade, sale, and find a few players you can rebuild upon. But now is not that time. I’ve been told we have a solid farm system so I’ll except that as fact and give it time to develop and win. Good Day.

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