Game 107: D-backs at Reds



Is Billy hurt? Only explanation I can see with 3 everyday starters already out of the lineup. No other reason Billy should be sitting!

Makes no sense to me. Price says to keep him fresh. He broke a hitless spell, scored the first run, got things going early, just like when Reds were hot. So what do you do the next day, sit him……wow. Same thing with Negron. Gets 2 hits and sits out yesterday and today. Santiago goes hitless and plays….go figure. Oh well, go REDS.

Mark posted previously about Billy having a day off…… Hoping this line up bites the heads of these Snakes OFF…and scores double digit runs…..

This lineup couldn’t beat the cubs farm team.

Wonder if price has found dusty’s toothpicks, sure found his stupid quotes about lineups

If JJ Hoover is allowed to pitch in a Major League Baseball game, then anybody should

Re: JJ Hoover / Anybody—-Tom: Does that include ex Mayor Mallory? LMAO….

What do the Reds do in spring training ? Again they displayed Little league base running skills. Pathetic. T2 is right. Hamilton doesn’t need rest or does he want it. Hell, he’s only 22 or 23 years old. Dusty Price is absolutely terrible. It’s time to blow this team up or we’ll get the same sorry results next year.

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