Day off for Hamilton

Reds manager Bryan Price gave leadoff hitter and center fielder Billy Hamilton the day off from the lineup on Wednesday. Chris Heisey took Hamilton’s place.

Hamilton snapped a career-high 0-for-15 slump with a first-inning double and scored a run in Tuesday’s 3-0 win over Arizona.

“I think like what I did with Zack [Cozart] the other day, you have to stay aware with these guys that are pretty much everyday players that we keep them fresh,” Price said. “He scuffled a little bit but I like his fight. I really have no concerns about Billy because he goes out there and competes and fights every single at-bat, every single game. I’ve really enjoyed his development. But I also need to stay aware of the longer season. He’s an everyday player here at the big league level, playing center field. I think today was a good day to take off and be ready to go in Miami.”

*The Reds have scored three runs or less in 11-straight games, the longest stretch for the club since it happened 11 games in a row from Aug. 28-Sept. 8, 1967. The last time it happened for 12-straight games was Aug. 26-Sept. 9, 1948, when that Reds team tied the club record previous done in 1914 and 1943 with 14-straight games with three runs or less.


Price thinks too much. Billy broke his spell and got the Reds going yesterday. Also, why is Negron out again today. Cozarts day off didn’t help. His hit was only because he didn’t hit it hard enough to get it to the SS. If you want to play Santiago, put him at SS and give Negron the chance. 2 years ago I carried on about Dusty not giving Frazier a chance over Rolen. Didn’t make sense then, doesn’t make sense now.

I couldn’t agree more! We need all the help we can right now. All Negron has done is hit when he starts and when he pinch hits.

I like Negron but let’s look at facts please. He is 3-for-14 (.214) since All-Star break and 4-for-18 (.222) since his call up. He does have two homers however.

I think Price should take the day off!!

Ok Negron has started 3 games. He is 3 for 12 with a homer and 3 RBI’s. While .250 is not knocking the cover off the ball, it is better than some on this team.

Agree. Since AS break: Santiago 4/23; Cozart 3/29; Negron 3/14.

Negron 4/15 now.

Good Idea to keep this young stud Hamilton FRESH…….

Well, hope they’re ready for the Marlin series with Hamilton rested. However, we just lost another series to a team we should not have. Now the Reds need to win game #1 and hope the Brewers loose to get back to where they were when today began. Lesson: Take care of today’s business before you plan for tomorrow.

Let me say succinctly…and directly…
If Mesoraco does not hit clean-up tomorrow,
then I will give up on Price this season.

Let me say concisely and tersely, I agree.

Let me say sweetly and completely, me three

So, to recap……my friends and me……without revocation…….
we succinctly say, directly, concisely, tersely, sweetly (really?) and
completely, that if the Mes does not hit clean-up tomorrow, we,
as a unit, squad, group or herd…(that sounds goodfy) will unitedly
give up on Mr.Price! (if he isn’t shaking in his spikes….nobody is!?*)

You got it right my friend.

Mes will sit tomorrow. It’s Johnny’s personal catcher day. We will need Mes fresh for next week.

That may have been the plan, but with the “Clean-Up Squad” unity, Price is probably going to go with Mes. Wouldn’t you? LMAO.

So Ludwick is now available, WOW… That just blew my mind. You are telling me that he has not been available all year if someone wanted him?

My wish list… Trade Latos to the Dodgers for one of those (top two), cant remember their names plus a top notch pitching prospect. They would get Latos for this year and next. He is worth that. Trade Broxton for what you can to get him off the books. Should be able to pull in something. Trade Simon for a prospect. Again having a good year and is arb eligible for another year. Teams would be willing to trade for this. I just think Jocketty is not trying to trade. If they can get some decent prospects for these guys plus removing a lot of payroll obligations next year, the Reds will look better next year and be able to do more. I would also try to move Phillips during offseason for anything they can get. The season is lost and thats ok, so lets build toward winning next year and the future. Look at Oakland, they are not afraid to trade big pieces to build the right team.

MLB had the Reds interested in Emilio Bonifacio from the Cubs. Infielder. Not great stats. WHY IN THE WORLD? Makes no sense to me.

Maybe a trade for Ludwick, haha…

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