Game 106: D-backs at Reds

Hamilton 8
Santiago 4
Frazier 5
Mesoraco 2
Pena 3
Lutz 7
Schumaker 9
Cozart 6
Leake 1


Last night gave me a FLATLINE effect. It’s sad to see Jay Bruce struggling so. Did close family member pass??

Really starting to get concerned about REDS. I try to stay optimistic but this is really sad state of affairs. Hope they can dig out of this hole.

By the way – the game really went south when Smith sent Pena in. Would be fun if we could have Eric Davis or someone like that as 3rd base coach. Smith put a stake in it.

Leake hits better than a lot of guys in the line-up . I would put him in on his non-pitching days !

Udaman, You undewrstand Leake would have to play a position then right? I’m sure he would be servicable in the outfield but come on man!

Hahaha… Didnt Leake play First Base in college when we was not pitching because he was such a good hitter. I thought I read that somewhere. There is out answer to the First Base situation. Its been right infront of us this whole time. You gotta do it. Come on Price.

I agree though, he is a better hitter than half the lineup.

This team was never deep in talent to begin with, with the rash of injuries it has been to much for the bench to overcome. I agree with PDoc that probably this team is trying to hard now but need to relax and play for fun. Without BP and Votto if we are lucky it might be a 500 team. Trading with the present atmosphere in the major leagues would probably not be a good idea, price for what little is available is simply to great. Need to regroup this winter and reevaluate what they have and what they need. After following this team for over sixty years I am afraid that this is one of those seasons you simply chalk up to a learning experience, LOL. That being said I still will be over to GABP for a couple of games in August to root on my Reds.

I completely agree with everything you’ve said! It’s been a very underwhelming season so far, but I think to give up much in a trade would be a mistake. If anything, the Reds should be sellers at this point. Trade Cueto or Simon and try to get a bat to help the offense next season. I, like you, will still be at the ballpark cheering our Reds on no matter what happens. Go Reds!

1 of the Reds top prospects, Jesse Winker has a power rating of 55 and an overall skill rating of 55 which is above average. MLB rates him as ML ready next year. The bat is coming. Don’t think trading for a bat will help this year. I don’t have a problem trading some pitching but I would keep Cueto out of it. 15 of the top 20 prospects the Reds have are pitchers. Stephenson is also rated as ML ready next year. My primary worry for the future is that Votto will never be what he was 2 & 3 years ago.

I really don’t understand not having Negron play. He had a 3rd of the Reds hits last night, hits with authority to opposite field(which nobody else has shown the ability to do), plays good defense. Looking at the stats since AS break he has the 4th best average and has 8 players below him and 5 of those are in the lineup. Give the kid a chance to play and see what you have.

Yeah the fact that Negron is not in there today is idiotic.

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