Game 105: D-backs at Reds



Glad to see Negron in the lineup. Hope he plays well. Bruce #2 ? I guess if you’re going to continue to play him it’s either #2 or #7 or #8. I’ve always liked Bruce and hope he can have one of his streaks before it is too late. Go Reds.

Great analysis of Red’s top prospects…
Cincinnati’s top two prospects also rank in Top 100 of Major Leagues
Jonathan Mayo

Thanks for the link. Great stuff. Printed it out and will familiarize myself with the prospects. Good things in the pipeline.

Any idea who the Reds drafted Wednesday?

There was no draft on Wednesday

RUNS 393
28th Overall
25th Overall
26th Overall
21st Overall
Unless the Reds are able to fix these numbers, I don’t think they can contend with
any team that has relatively good pitching (<4 R). And, it looks as though any lineup Price can think of or try won't do the trick. Therefore, it is of upmost importance to trade for a bonefide cleanup hitter; one that has learned plate discipline and batting knowledge from another set of coaches on another team. In other words, they are productive time and time again. Lastly, in my view and because we cannot possibly sign the likes of Cueto, Latos and/or Leake in addition to paying increased salaries to many others, it is an opportunity to trade before this Thursday's deadline, as long as there is a trade partner. I sense that we will end up trading for an inexpensive fill-in rather than for a permanent player over several years, but I for one would rather see a major trade for a guy like a Stanton; immediate run producer…especially in little ole'
GABP. Our trade-bait is quite substantial and very enticing, imo. We also have some young arms that are targeted to come up in 2015; pitching we got, quality hitters are lacking bigtime.

I agree. Give them an option on any of the starters.

When do the 10 teams draft in the supplemental. I read somewhere they were included.

Offer Jay Bruce in any and all trade possibilities . He is the worst hitter on this team.

I think we need to consider a few issues about Bruce…
1) look at what he has done for his first several years…outstanding numbers
2) realize that this season is his first downturn; not yet completed though
3) he plays RF above average, as is his rocket arm
4) he is relatively young and has yet to hit his prime
His numbers so far this season are frustrating, but I for one would give him the
benefit of the doubt; I wouldn’t let him go.

I would trade him in a heart beat. He has proven he can’t or will not hit to left field.As far his defense is concerned, how many times does he choke at the plate compared to the number of outstanding plays he makes in right field. Which one is more important . TRADE HIM !!!!

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