Bruce batting second

Reds manager Bryan Price hasn’t been afraid to juggle the lineup to find a spark this season. With the team losing eight of nine and several players not hitting well, he made another change. Right fielder Jay Bruce, struggling most of all during the season, is batting second.

It is the 82nd different lineup Price has written this season (not counting the pitcher’s spot). Bruce hasn’t batted second since doing it six times in 2011. He did it 15 times in 2008 as a rookie and a handful of times in between 2009-10.

“I think it’s no secret that personally, I’ve been struggling, and as a team, offensively, we haven’t been doing so well, so shaking it up a little bit can’t hurt,” Bruce said. “As Bryan said, when you’re put into a different spot in the order you don’t change your approach to hitting, you just go up there with the same approach and you really try to focus on what makes you successful and don’t get tentative and don’t get indecisive. You just keep moving forward. It hasn’t been a pretty year for me, but there are no excuses. I expect to do better and you can’t stay in a place of the past; you have to continue to move forward and I look forward to today because the opportunity to turn it around is there for me to take and I look forward to doing that.”

Bruce wasn’t given advance word of the change in the order. It could benefit him in getting more fastballs, and could benefit leadoff hitter Billy Hamilton if defenses employ a shift for Bruce.

“But I can imagine that the way teams focus on Billy, it’s definitely something that’s noticed. I’ll be ready, Pitch One,” Bruce said. “If they are shifting over too much, [Hamilton] can take two bases on a steal; he has the best opportunity of anybody out there.”


Lets see if this produces some runs Might as well try it

What do the Reds Have to lose? Except another RBI-less game…..

Liked Bruce’s attitude and honesty. Hope this is a turnaround game for him.

If you are gonna keep him in the line-up , please bat him 7th not in the middle of the order ! Trade bait ,I say !

Dusty Price showed his ignorance. You do change your approach at hitting depending on where you hit in the order. That does explain a lot of his insane lineups. You have different responsiblities.

2nd, He will have MORE K’s, HA!HA!

yea that worked.. he took strike 2 a perfect hitters pitch right down the middle in the 13th.. goodness he needs to go to AAA now! or be traded

Really can we stop the incessant trade or AAA comments. He isnt going anywhere. He is having a bad year….

Agree. Looking at stats since AS break, Pena .303, next 4 below .250, next 5 in .150 to .167, Bruce .094, Cozart .080. This collapse is a team effort. Singling out 1 or 2 players doesn’t explain the depth of the problem.

So so sad. Nothing else to say.

8th or 9th is now available. It’s extremely difficult to get on base when you watch strike 3 cross the plate. This is worst than sad.

Stats ,stats, stats. So tired of hearing about stats. Get the job done. Learn to adjust . They’re major league baseball players. (at least for now) If Dusty Price would ever put a consistent lineup on the field maybe they would start to hit. Playing guys for 2 or 3 days and then sitting them doesn’t work !

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