Game 104: Nationals at Reds

Hamilton 8
Schumaker 4
Frazier 5
Bruce 9
Mesoraco 2
Hannahan 3
Lutz 7
Santiago 6
Latos 1


Why is Bruce still in the lineup?? Washington wants to dump Harper… Even Trade?

They want to give him the opportunity to get his BA under 200 and strike out 100 more times. Only thing I can think of. But look on the bright side, we have the powerhouse Hanahan back. Neb said yesterday the offense was pushing air. More like breaking wind…it stinks.

Who was sent down for Hannahan?

Partch was sent down.

I wish they would even trade those 2 ? If not let’s offer Bruce , Cozart and Simon to Marlins for Stanton. And SS Hechavarria , even if we have to throw in something else , your thoughts ?

Hannahan hit .216 last year and is a career .232 hitter. I don’t see why he should play over Pena. Hope I am wrong. GO REDS!

HE SHOULDN’T. Sad thing is that if he hits 232 he would be ahead of a some other starters..

Winker suffered a partially torn tendon in his right wrist in a car accident earlier this month and tried to play through it, including his appearance in the Futures Game at the All-Star Game in Minneapolis, where he was 1 for 2.
“I went (to the Futures Game) there and my whole body was sore, my knee was sore, my shoulder was sore — and so was my hand, but I just played because I figured that’s what happens in a car accident, your body is just banged up,” Winker said. “I came back and then we had a scheduled off day after that and then a rainout in Jacksonville and I was swinging in Jacksonville and something just didn’t feel right in my hand. I thought it was just a little sore, and everything else was feeling fine. My neck wasn’t sore, my knee wasn’t sore. We went and got it checked and I ended up putting a cast on it, we came back up and had an MRI and I had a partial tear of a tendon in my hand.”
The good news is the injury won’t require surgery and while it will most likely end his season — the Blue Wahoos’ season finishes on Sept. 1 — Winker isn’t giving up on 2014.
“Whatever the next step is, I’m hoping I can come back for the last week of the season,” Winker said. “We just have to wait and see with this process, when it heals. The doctor said two-to-four weeks, so I just have to sit back and let it heal.”

Sorry to hear it. I was looking forward to seeing him on the 40 man roster or sooner.

We may well see him in September.

This is the worst lineup posted today in mlb. Maybe we can locate Cairo and bring up Corky to help. Jocketty is a total DA and not a GM.

Parch should have two sets of suitcases and his tires are getting worn…
Optioned to Louisville Bats on…
In total with Reds…5 G, 6 1/3 IP, 0.00 ERA

yep seems like a Dusty lineup. your only hitter that drove in a run is on the bench so a guy who hasnt played in along time gets to start.. Yep sure showing those Nationals, your in it to win it.. HAHA.. Walt needs to go since he refuses to address the teams needs outside pitching. they need smart hitters, which are not in this system.!!

NO RUNS = NO WINS…. Minimal RBI’s = 3rd or 4th place in division at best….Same old story ALL year…. Going back to PRE SEASON….

Lack of hitting can NEVER EVER EVER beat even marginal pitching.

Cincinnati has seen three of its best hitters struggle.
-Billy Hamilton was batting .285 before the break, and he is 6-for-34 (.176) since.
-Mesoraco was batting .304 before the break and is 4-for-22 (.182) since.
-Todd Frazier was batting .290 with 19 home runs and 53 RBIs before the break, and he is 6-for-33 (.182) with one homer (his only extra-base hit and only RBI) since.

Just finished game thanks to DVR. Glad to see 3 consecutive base hits in the 9th. Maybe Frazier and Mez are breaking out of it and it will get contagious. Glad to see Lutz play. Wish Negron would be given a chance to play. Maybe tomorrow. How much is Hanahan being paid and for how long?

Hanahan’s contract…
◾2 years/$4M (2013-14), plus 2015 club option
◾signed by Cincinnati as a free agent 12/13/12
◾13:$1M, 14:$1M, 15:$4M club option ($2M buyout)

Don’t know the correct terminology, but couldn’t the Reds release him for assignment and hope someone picked him up on waivers. It’s just I hate to see young talent not getting a chance to play and gain experience. I just don’t see what value you get from Hanahan.

From MLB Trade Rumors…
The Reds have struggled recently, and it’s unclear what they’ll do at the trade deadline,’s Mark Sheldon writes. If they end up buying, they’d like a hitter who can play more than one position. Injuries have hurt the Reds this season, and a number of bulky salaries in 2015 could impede their ability to upgrade. If they do decide to sell (although there does not appear to be much evidence that’s likely), they could make available a number of desirable pieces, including Johnny Cueto, Homer Bailey, Mat Latos and Mike Leake.
Wow, if they trade Cueto I would be very surprised. However, if they did, they could obtain an extremely big name player(s).

WOW! Cueto is the one I would guard with my life. Latos 2nd. In my mind Bailey is not a $120M pitcher and not sure you would get much considering his contract. The Reds have dug themselves a deep hole with length and amounts of contracts for players who are not producing at the level anticipated due to injury or other reasons. I hope they don’t deplete their young talent to pull off a trade.

The Dodgers have acquired second baseman Darwin Barney from the Cubs.

I know he was a gold glove winner, but offensive stats don’t look great. Doesn’t sound like it cost them much. Not familiar with their 2nd base situation. Must have been desperate.

Offer Jay Bruce in any and all trade possibilities. He’s the worst hitter on this team.

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