Game 103: Nationals at Reds



When does Price understand Bruce does not belong 4th in the order?

No Negron, no Lutz. Frazier and Santiago out of position. Basically the same approach. Even though it hasn’t gotten you anywhere in the last 7 games, let’s do it again and maybe it will be different. I think that is the definition of insanity and DENIAL. Hope it turns out different. If you aren’t going to play Lutz at 1st, then get rid of a reliever, bring up Barnhart to back up Mez, and keep Pena at 1st and Frazier at 3rd.

Bruce 4th, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, Mr. ” K ” KING. He doesn’t belong on the BENCH. HE DOESN”T EVEN TAKE A SWING, JUST LOOKS AT THE BALLS GOING BY? They got rid of Adam Dunn? Everybody is making deals EXCEPT the REDS? Another shut down by our GENERAL MANAGER YEAR AFTER YEAR. . The Owner got rid of Baker, maybe the WRONG MAN? Cardinals DUMPED HIM, maybe its time to call it RETIREMENT, HE IS OLD. The Brain doesn’t think as it use to when your OLD? I wouldn’t PAY good money to see these LOSERS. Our Left Fielder swings at DIRT BALLS, HA!HA!. How much money is he getting paid to do this?

Good, the Cardinals didn’t get Peavy.

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