Price remains optimistic

One thing about Reds manager Bryan Price is he doesn’t brood for days and weeks during the rough stretches. Nor does Price get too up when things are going well. While he certainly can show his displeasure after a loss, he doesn’t carry it to the next day or next series.

Therefore coming on the heels of a winless six-game road trip, Price was in a pretty positive mood on Friday. He was asked by one reporter if he had to do anything to keep the spirits of the players up to keep the season from getting away from them.

“Other than the early part of the year, I haven’t had to do anything at all. I don’t make a lot of trips through the clubhouse to pick up the spirits of the guys,” Price replied. “You have to realize that what’s happening isn’t uncommon. It’s standard practice in a Major League Baseball season that you have periods where you play very, very well and other periods where you tread water like we did the first couple of months. And then there are periods where you struggle to win games on a regular basis. The last six have been a real struggle for us.

“[But] it’s a stretch in the season. We’re going to get back. We’re going to have other stretches where we play better than we have here. What we need is to play well enough to get ourselves to the top of the division and into the playoffs and hopefully be one of the hotter teams going into the playoffs so we can do more than we’ve done in the past few opportunities.”

*In other news, SS Zack Cozart (bruised right fingers) is back in the lineup after missing Wednesday. Cozart was hit by a pitch while bunting Tuesday night. He showed he could hit or throw without issue. Price said Cozart could have probably played on Wednesday but it made more sense to give his swollen fingers two days of rest to be right.


Bryan, get out the butter….The REDS are toast for 2014….

On the last comment of the 23rds lineup post, Neb pointed out that the Brewers only needed to play.542 ball while the Reds would need to play .639 to win 90 games. It’s even worse than that because you have 2 other teams in between that would have to play less than .542. Also, to get a wild card spot you have to consider that Atlanta and the Dodgers would also need to play less than .542. I really don’t see how adding a bat and a lh reliever can make all this come true. Play your young talent, when the roster expands, play the talent you bring up and see what you have. Then make the tough decisions that need to be made in the off season.

The Reds have not had a bonafide LF and clean up hitter since 2008; a big fellow named Dunn. Since then we have played numerous players in both LF and clean up.
During the course of a season, there remains a window of opportunity whereby teams in financial trouble or too far back to make the playoffs, attempt to deal some of their better players. That window basically closes at season end; not always, but mostly. I say all this to say that the Reds should continue their search for anyone that will better the team, including the aforementioned LF/clean up hitter and another LH reliever (the Reds bullpen is rated #25 with a 3.68 ERA). Of course, trades always comes down to availability of someone we really want and someone we are willing to trade in exchange; both players salaries and contracts are also obvious trading points.
Bottomline: I would scour the teams in hopes of finding a fixture for years to come; we will need the upgrade next season anyway and I don’t see anyone on the horizon. Lastly, I can’t imagine Jocketty not releasing Ludwick after this season; the sun has set on this players career.

Good points about availability during off season. You stated the important issue to me and that is the “for years to come”. I fear the giving up too much for the quick one year fix,

Strong…couldn’t agree more. No ‘rent-a-players’. Especially if we have to give up a reasonably good player/prospect in return. The good news is that I think Jocketty is on the same page. (I am dreaming of moving down to the beach here in Southern California; almost as much as I dream of trading for Stanton!?*)

Price’s comments and attitude are all too familiar. Laid back and NO sense of urgency. He feels it’s going to get better because it’s the nature of a long baseball season to go through your ups and downs. The Reds backed into the playoffs last year. This team has no reverse gear Maybe if each pitcher had a personal catcher the Reds would win every game. Have the computer make out the lineup each night to have the best matchups for that game. This team needs to be completely torn down and started over . It seems all are too comfortable with their jobs. Thank goodness it’s almost football season !!!!!! Please get someone outside the organization with a little fire to manage the Reds .

Unfortunately, Mr. Price’s appears to have developed a management style of always
being a positive role model for and to his players. That’s not always a bad thing but does not generate fire under your players fannies. With this kind of management style, the players have to ignite themselves and that isn’t always in each and every players DNA. In reality, the team is running itself and other than a head shake or a bat hit into the dirt, there isn’t much motivation or accountability other than another sporadic day off or two. Mr. Price’s comments about playing the same lineup was also extremely saddening, at least to me it was.

I agree with you 100%. Price is a carbon copy of Dusty Baker . That style might work on a team with a player who is a leader. Unfortunately , this team hasn’t had a leader since Scott Rolon. That is why I believe a major shakeup is necessary. I think Reds’ management is content with it’s team being only competitive and not necessarily of championship caliber. Players attitude and demeanor is reflective of management’s.

I just rolled my eyes. What is there to be optimistic about?? the team took the All-Star Break as a sign the season was over, No urgency to Win, No urgency to make changes by the front office till its TOO LATE!!!.. Walt failed this team and has his puppet Price speaking optimistic garbage.. I am not blind.. I said with the backups playing it would Not last.. there is a reason they are backups, or they would be making lots of money starting!!!. Walt should have made a move and get a hitter over the All-Star Break, not have all your big shots all worried about the 2015 All-Starr Game!!!
AND Bruce needs to be sent to AAA.. Its ridiculous that he isnt coached to change his thought process at the plate.. they showed it on Baseball Tonight.. he takes a perfect pitch to hit for a strike. swings at the next pitch low and away, and then the pitcher has to only throw the ball down and in in the dirt and Mr big ego Bruce, has to swing at it.. He doesnt lay off that pitch.. AND with the shift, the pitcher will throw outside corner pitches, he still steps toward first base with his front foot and pulls it!!!.., If I was struggling, like heck would i pull those outside pitches, i would be taking extra BP practicing step and drive to LF.. Its not like Bruce has to work 9-5 then go play baseball.. He needs to have a plan going up to the plate.. it starts in BP and thats not practicing hitting homeruns in the RF seats.. its the thought process of how to beat the opposition.. Alot of these hitters go up and hack, they dont step and drive the ball the other way.. its pull pull pull.. come on.. this team had a chance.. 1 1/2 out, and Mr Walt Jockety sat back and did nothing, now its to late..Might as well fire Walt, get a GM that knows how to improve your own team and deal some dead wood and get hungry prospects that are close to being here.. I would offer Cueto to the Dodgers for their rookie OF Pederson and SS Seager.. keeping this seam team together will eb the same thing or worse next year.. refusal to make adjustments and that is why they cant hit and its getting worse.. Ludwick is a bust.. Hiesey isnt hitting, and we have no pop off the bench as well.. Votto is hurt and hasnt been the same Votto since his first knee injury..Sadly I had hoped Walt would fix the issues every Reds fan can see with this bad offense.. but Walt doesnt care to fix it… now the team is getting closer to the Cubs before the season is over..Well Walt, I am not buying anymore tickets till you fix the team or retire!!

If the Reds choose to ever trade Cueto, it will be for top-of-the-line quality(s) back. The Reds could have the pick-of-the-litter if they ever were earnest about such a trade. After all, Cueto is arguably in the top 5 of the SP in all of MLB. Additionally, Cueto is only 28 (2/15) and his best seasons are still far down the road.

Same people, same results. Different people, different results? Won’t know until you try. Showing my age but it’s getting close to Don Meridith time…”Turn out the lights, the party’s over”. Hope not!

Caught a HUGE break. Brewers, cruising along into the 9th leading 2-0 over the Mets; bullpen fell apart and allowed 3 R. Final: Mets 3, Brewers 2.

I agree with all of the above. Maybe there was more to Jocketty leaving St. Louis than we know about.

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