Game 102: Nationals at Reds



No Negron, Lutz, or Santiago. They have at least struck the ball with some authority. Same lineup as last game except for Cozart. Oh well !

From MLB Trade Rumors…
Mariners have made offer to acquire Stubbs.
Stubbs, 29, has played exclusively in center field with the Rockies, though he also has experience in right. He has posted a career-best .297/.335/.498 slash with ten home runs an 11 stolen bases in 258 plate appearances. That comes on the heels of three straight seasons of below-average production with the Reds and Indians

Best lineup we can really put out there right now hopefully we will right the ship tonight.

If We have resorted to blogging about Drew Stubbs?????Then the ship has already sunk.

Crazy about Drew Stubbs but good for him. Could not do much with Reds or Indians, but sometimes when you go to another team, you find your mojo!! I always liked him.
Strong, I have to agree with you this time. OH WELL!! Go REDS!!!! We can’t give up yet :[

Stubbs is a head scratcher. But, as you said, play on another team revitalizes a player and allows him to reach his potential; something Stubbs always had, and has.
Thank goodness for Hamilton and his play.

John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer writes that it would make sense for the Cincinnati Reds to be picking up the phone. “Ben Zobrist of Tampa Bay and (Murphy) are the two top choices I see (for the Reds). Both can play multiple positions, so they could plug a hole until Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto return and then play elsewhere.”

I rest my case has the dribble continues about Drew Stubbs….

I can appreciate this lineup, although I would have flip-flopped Ludwick and Mesoraco; have a feeling that Price doesn’t see Mes in the 4 hole. More importantly, we are playing two back up players in their appropriate back up roles; Shumaker at 2nd and Pena at 1st. Any body else notice how well Pena is playing 1st base? He is making some very difficult plays and his glove handling on errant throws to 1st are turned into leg-splitting outs.

Agree. He has been a real find. An excellent “team player”.

Ludwick at cleanup. Please !!! The guy can’t hit. Oh , I forgot , hardly any of them can. I don’t think Price knows Mesoraco was a all-star. He’s jacked him around all year. He only plays 3 or 4 games out of five . He needs his rest for next year.

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