Season-high losing streak

All the details of how the Reds lost a crusher of a game to the Brewers by a 4-3 score will be on It means Cincinnati now has a season-high five-game losing streak and are 4 1/2 games out of first place.

Appearing to be seething, Reds manager Bryan Price summed it all up here.

“They don’t need a lecture from me about me being disappointed. We’re all disappointed,” Price said. “Nobody likes it. If you’ve watched our team in these five games, you’ve seen guys busting their tails down the line, putting in the work in pre-game and being invested in what we do to prepare. We just haven’t executed. We haven’t swung the bats well. We haven’t gotten the quality starts. In my opinion, quality starts aren’t six innings. Quality starts are seven innings and on. That’s how I see it. We haven’t played particularly good defense. We’ve missed some signs. We just haven’t played terribly well. We have to play a lot better than we have. We’re head-to-head with a team that’s ahead us. We’ve played hard. We just haven’t won.”


Great synergy with Bailey and Pena, NOT. Glad you saved Chapman for later, NOT. I hope the Reds don’t give away the farm in a trade. This team is done with or without it. Take time in the off season to fire Jocketty and go after what you need. You’ll have plenty of time since the offseason will begin October 1st. Very sad, but just to many injuries across the board to overcome.

The Reds could start by moving Bruce down to 9th in the lineup. He’s not doing anything batting 4th, except striking out in crucial situations. In the meantime have the person that got Frazier on track do the same for Bruce. Right now Bruce couldn’t make an instructional league team.

How great it would be to see every once in a while the manager, coaches, and players go up and down the dugout with energy saying “let’s go, get something started, get on, get some runs”. This team plays with little emotion, no spark, no fun except for Hamilton and Fraser. Why ? Missing leadership by coaches and players. Bruce looks like a head case, Ludwick occupies space, Heisey’s mind is not in the game. moving chairs at first base so no one gets plugged in to the position. Where did everyone go during the AS break ? Where ever it was they haven’t come back. So sad.

The truth is we (fans) didn’t think we had enough consistent offense before the season even started. We have been pleasantly surprised by Hamilton, Frazier and Mesoraco but to expect them to continue to carry us is a little unfair. Votto has done nothing all year (minus 1 really good week) and is hurt. BP is also hurt (and was mediocre at best) and Bruce has been hurt and is having his worst year by far. We needed those 3 to carry us and had hoped 1 or 2 of the other young guys would step up to help. Injuries are a factor but not the factor. The team wasn’t good enough at the beginning. The supposed big 3 haven’t pulled their weight or even come close to earning their big contracts. Right now … I’m just frustrated because it seems like we are lacking energy after the all star break. It’ seems the guys are dragging. Bruce has been hanging around Votto too much and is now also a headcase. He has 0 confidence in himself and pulls off everything. It doesn’t seem like he’s even seeing the ball … taking fastballs right down the middle and swinging at curve balls in the dirt consistently. Could it be as simple as he needs glasses? Is it not possible for him to just stay on pitches and hit them the other way and take the hits vs the shift until he gets his swing back. They are giving you hits Jay … if you would just hit the ball low and hard the other way … it would also help you get your swing back and I bet your power would return if you stopped flying open. It’s also frustrating that we haven’t played our best healthy 8 even once since the break. They just had the all star break and we’re giving people all these days off vs. the first place team … I really don’t get it. A really frustrating year where the Reds are stuck in the middle. I wouldn’t be opposed to trading some people away to try to get some new players to add to the core of the team. Don’t just give players away but trade for quality players that can help change the feel of the team. We’re not going anywhere this year and this core of players have had their chance and could never deliver in the clutch …. they seem to over think and freeze up at the big moments. I don’t see how that is suddenly going to change without getting some different players in here. In order to get good players in here … we are going to have to trade some good players. We know the payroll isn’t going to go up drastically. That’s just my opinion … for what it’s worth. Very frustrating!

Agree with Mitch. Rather than trade now though, bring up all the raw talent you have in the farm and give them the chance to see what they can do at the major league level. That will give you the time in the off season to build the new team. What terrible decisions the Reds made in these long term contracts, and I include Bailey in the mix.

Well Price, your responsible to do something?? no lecture, no talking or yelling makes it seem its all acceptable.. i am tired of waiting on Walt to do something as he shows the fans,, he doesnt care and will do NOTHING while the Cards/Pirates/Brewers will make moves before the deadline.. Walt can leave in my opinion.. bring Krivsky back

Agree with the lack of ENTHUSIASM in the dugout. The Reds have always been that way. They need someone down there to light a stick of dynamite. Someone once said Votto brought the dugout down. Votto has been Votto since day one. It’s his personality so accept it. That’s the way he is, and he’s not there so the REDS can’t really blame him for their lack of DESIRE TO WIN!!!!! They are missing a certain type of ENERGY AND FORCEFULNESS that Frazier and Mesaraco and the rest donot possess. Even though I’m Frazier fan, he’s immature behavior after home runs, especially with Latos who thinks he is all that an more–and all that other crap drives me crazy. Enthusiasm is one thing, but that is something else. They act like kids.
Maybe I should bring my grandson down from Youngstown–known as THE ITALIAN MISSLE–can pitch and play every infield position. Championship game–9 RBIS–thriple bases loaded, double bases loaded, 3 singles with men on base!!! And he is only 12!!!!
The Reds look like a team that has already given up. It is painful sometimes watching them.

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