Game 101: Reds at Brewers

Hamilton 8
Frazier 5
Pena 3
Ludwick 7
Bruce 9
Mesoraco 2
Schumaker 4
Santiago 6
Leake 1


Hoping Mike Leake gets some run support today !

I’m really sick of seeing Ramon Santiago in the F ing starting lineup!

This was a civilized blog til you showed up.

Please, no vulgarity. There are a number of young sports fans that view these
boards. Thank you.

Sooo not cussing and using F ing instead is vulgarity now? Geeze louise you geezers need to get with the times. Because things have changed. I work for a Forbes list top 50 company and you should hear the words that fly around here. Sorry, but adapt.

MikeWelsh11 — You can get your point across without the need to use a vulgarity or the abbreviation of one. While we’re at it, everyone, let’s get some of the general venom out of the comments. I know the team is in a spiral at the moment but the nastiness seems to have increased in general this season. (I’m looking at you, Jim)… I’ve noticed some of the longtime commenters have stopped participating. So why don’t we dispense with the name-calling and juvenile comments about the team or each other. You can voice your displeasure in more constructive ways. Thanks.

Actually, Bruce should be 9th in the order. He has the worst BA of everyone.

isn’t it time for a player move or moves to help this sick line-up—-there players available and doen’t the past trades look a little sick—–tear it down begin again.71 years old and 64 years a Red fan.

Santiago has been the third best hitter on this team in the last 7 games, as sad as that may be. Now also missing 3/4 of starting infield. Not sure how you make a line-up without Santiago right now.

Ludwick needs to go to the rest home I’am 71 and have more power than he does JOCKETTY PLEASE LEAVE THE rEDS

Got you by a year in age. Equal in years a Reds fan. Agree tear it down and start over. I just want them to wait for the offseason and take their time and do it right. Which means of course, get rid of Jocketty first.

Not sure about the hitting order but at least this is the best 8 healthy players we have to put on the field so I’ll take that. 🙂 I know I feel like the season is just about over as I’m sure many of you do too … but knowing that baseball seems to go on forever and you get 3 or 4 last chances after we all think the season is done … we really have to have this one though. 3 1/2 way different than 5 1/2.

Hey, Mark – love the updates, but I may have missed one – what the heck is going on with Tony Cingrani? Thanks. Bill McDermott

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Tony is on the Bats DL.

From MLB Trade Rumors…
•The Reds and Phillies remain in contact regarding a potential Marlon Byrd trade, sources tell Jim Bowden of MLB Network Radio and ESPN (Twitter link). The Reds have Jay Bruce in right and Billy Hamilton in left, but their left fielders have combined to hit .242/.304/.358. Additionally, with Bruce’s slumping and Joey Votto on the disabled list, the team is short on power.

•The Phillies are still listening to trade interest in outfielder Marlon Byrd, tweets’s Jerry Crasnick. As yet, however, Philadelphia’s asking price has been too high for a buyer to pull the trigger.

Wow one week too late. Who would have thought. I dont know if they can come back from this…

What an awesome start to the 2nd half. Thanks Reds! way to act like you even give two $hits on the field.

Reds 24th MLB in runs…averaging 3.8. Averaged 4.3 in 2013.
Reds last 6 games: 12 runs, 51 K and 8 BB, 35 for 191 (.183), 2 for 40 w/RISP.
“I’m not a big believer in continuing with the same lineup and expecting different results”….Price

Reds play post all-star game has also changed the WC scenario…
There are four teams ahead of the Reds…
St. Louis 1
Pittsburgh 1
Reds 4

Wow…who’d of thunk it…
From MLB Trade Rumors…
As his struggles worsen, the Phillies have had internal discussions about releasing one-time star first baseman Ryan Howard after the season, reports Jim Salisbury of Howard is owed the rest of his $25MM salary this season and comes with $60MM in future guarantees.

It does not appear that the club has reached any finality in regards to Howard’s future. The possibility of a trade has been explored, but Philadelphia has not found another club interested in taking on any substantial part of Howard’s contract. That is not surprising, of course, given that the 34-year-old is slashing a career-low .224/.305/.377 through 417 plate appearances on the year.

Don’t need Mike Welsh and his vulgarity, let him stay with his Forbes top 50ers ! It is a lame excuse to keep saying wait til we get Joey and BP back. As nice as that would be, they weren’t producing and aren’t likely to with the atmosphere that permeates the team. Price seems to be outthinking himself with all the different lineups, and he seems to have put together a poor coaching staff. Team conditioning is poor, fundamentals are lacking, the bullpen save for Brox and Chap is AAA at best, and third base coaching is horrible. Reds fan since 1946 so I’ll hang in there and hope for better times.

Please just dont traide for Marlon Byrd now. Guy strikes out way too much swinging for the fences and cost too much. Not what we need. Please be smart about this. Trade Simon for something if you can, maybe a LF. We need a consistant contct guy with low strike outs. Wonder what it would take to pry Ben Revere from Philly… If you do that you are set for the next 3 plus years. Throw Simon and Winker in there for Revere and the Reds might have a nice team put together for next year when everyone is back healthy. Let Votto and Phillips sit for the year and heal.

Here is the 411 on Byrd and some trade thoughts…
Age: 36
Bats: R
2014 Stats: 98 G, .268/.319/.483, 41 XBH (19 HR), 55 RBI, 1-for-2 SB
Contract Status: $8 million salary in 2014, $8 million salary in 2015, $8 million team/vesting option in 2016
That 36-year-old Marlon Byrd is perhaps the most productive bat available as the trade deadline draws near should tell you everything you need to know about the trade market these days.
Byrd can block trades to four teams: Kansas City, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Toronto.
Two of those teams, the Royals, per Morosi, and Mariners have been linked to Byrd already, with the veteran telling the Phillies he’d only waive his no-trade clause under certain circumstances, as The News Tribune’s Bob Dutton tweeted:
“Hearing what @JimBowdenESPNxm previously reported: Marlon Byrd wants $8m option for 2016 guaranteed to waive no-trade clause to Mariners.”
While the prospect of paying a then-38-year-old Byrd $8 million based on his level of production in 2014 might scare off those on his no-trade list, 25 other teams could make a play for him without having to deal with those demands.
For a team that believes it’s only a bat away from making a deep playoff run, it could do far worse than adding Byrd’s powerful right-handed bat to its lineup.

Reds have said on more than one occasion that they need a right handed power hitter to hit in the 4 hole; Revere doesn’t fill that order. He is a good punch-n-judy hitter with absolutely zero power ( 1 HR, 93 RBI in 4 1/2 seasons).

What they need to do is to approach this as a team. Don’t help out the other team so much. This bad start can be mostly attributed to over-extending the strike zone and just in general, acting desperately. Don’t lets do the same thing with the management of the team and trade for someone in desperation. That would just be a disaster.

Believe me, the other teams pick up on that and yeah, they’ll make you a real sweet deal.

My fear is the Reds will do what you are warning against. I love the Reds and will keep rooting and hoping, but I honestly don’t believe this is their year to make the playoffs regarless of what they do or don’t do. Reminds me of 2011. Go Reds.

Bob, you’re such a poopy head

Sorry, meant Neb….I’ll knock it off Mark.

Reds are now 51-50. With 61 games left, they would need to go 39-22 (.639)
in order to win 90 games. On the other hand, the Brewers are 58-45 with 59 games remaining; they need to go 32-27 to reach 90 wins (.542). The Brewers current win percentage is .563.

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