Mesoraco sits for Bailey’s start

Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco is not in Tuesday’s lineup, but is not injured. Manager Bryan Price decided he wanted to have Brayan Pena catch for Homer Bailey and perhaps rekindle some of the synergy the two had in a previous pairing.

“We need a really good start,” Price said. “Homer threw really well in San Francisco against the Giants when he threw to Pena. Over the course of their careers together, Homer will throw a lot to Devin. Devin has scuffled a little bit at the plate. I think a day off isn’t the worst thing and putting those two together is good as well.”

When Pena caught Bailey on June 29, the Reds got a three-hit shutout. Bailey took a no-hitter into the seventh inning. Mesoraco is 1-for-11 since the All-Star break.

The Reds are of course trying to avoid a season-high five-game losing streak.


Price don’t know what to do, Jocketty is horrible and won’t do a thing , cards are close to making major trade and we allow the pitching staff establish the lineup.

My Goodness. Price is soooooo stupid . We need HITTERS , Not personal catchers. These guys are supposed to be professional pitchers. What the hell difference does it make who their catcher is ? I’m sorry ,but Price is so much like Baker . I bet anything that Bailey made that request . The Reds need a manager NOT a best friend to the players. Unbeliveable . Bryan Price is a joke !!!!!

From MLB Trade Rumors…
•One prime trade candidate for the Twins is outfielder Josh Willingham, who is slashing .209/.357/.399 with eight home runs in 207 plate appearances as he prepares to hit the open market after the season (FA). Two clubs to watch as possible suitors are the Reds and Pirates, tweets Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN.
(Reds offered Willingham a two-year contract prior to him signing with Minnesota)

I like Mr. Price’s reasoning. Keep in mind that Mesoroco got less time off over the All Star break, and he is slumping. Last year, Bailey clearly preferred Hanigan, and he pitched better to him than to Mesoroco. These issues DO matter: look up the box scores for Bailey when he had Mesorocco vs. other catcher.

My bet is on the Pirates. Maybe the Reds will trade Mesoraco. Price doesn’t seem to think he’s a very good signal caller anyway.

Walt is happy, the team stayed home and havent returned Fired up after the All-Star Break!! so now he has the perfect excuse NOT to do anything.. Same as always.. Walt needs to leave since he has no desire to better this team.. playing 4-5 bench guys because they refuse to go get help, because they have zero ability to hire smart people to get the team to the next level.. if they have no desire to win, sell to Mark Cuban.. or just trade everyone away and have 12,000 a night since they are not showing the fans they want to get to the next level.. Someday I hope the Reds will win another World Series, Hopefully in my children’s life and in my last years of my life.. since they have yet to witness what winning a Championship is in Cincinnati!!

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