Game 100: Reds at Brewers

Hamilton 8
Schumaker 4
Frazier 3
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Pena 2
Cozart 6
Santiago 5
Bailey 1

*Roster move: RHP Logan Ondrusek to DL with strained right shoulder (retroactive to 7/13). RHP Curtis Partch recalled from Triple-A Louisville.


Why can’t we give Lutz a shot at first? Why does our best player play a different position every night? Why isn’t Bryan Price managing in the Pecos League?

Bryan Price is NOT up to bat with men on base….For that matter he is not up to bat at all…and he is NOT the hitting coach…. Bryan Price is playing the cards he is dealt, and cannot play some others due to unfortunate injuries…..This Reds team needed a big bopper before the season started, and they did, not get that guy… Hence below most other MLB teams in runs scored per game and collective team RBI’s also lower….

SAGE wisdom for the day:
RBI’s RBI’s RBI’s….Cannot win without more runs than the other guys…RBI’s RBI’s RBI’s…. Cannot make playoffs without scoring runs…at minimum more than your opponents in each game…

Agree with Billy Ray. Let Lutz play several days in a row. Same with Negron. Bring up Winker. Do something different, out of the box. Continuing to play the same people isn’t going to work.

Keep up the good work.

In the last 9 calendar days, counting today, Mesoraco has not played baseball
for 6 of those days. Wonder why; it can’t be explained as “just a day off”. Unfortunately, and above all, it jostles the positions; it moves Pena behind the plate and starts the out of position musical chairs at 1st base; today it’s Frazier
(3 E, 75 CH, .960 FPCT). I guess I just don’t understand nor appreciate Price’s logic.

I forgot about the all-star game, but he still has had ample time off; more recently this last Sunday.

I cant find a reason to leave Negron out of the line up each night. The kid has some serious power in his bat. Lets play someone that is doing something. No one else is right now. Pena has played a good first base. Lets keep him there and Mez playing Catcher most days as much as possible. I dont understand the thinking here. Billy CF, Shumaker LF, Frazier 3B, Mez C, Bruce RF, Pena 1B, Negron 2B, Cozart SS… Bench players are playing more regularly than our starters right now. Santiago seems to be in every day.

Where is Mesoraco ? is he hurt or did Bailey request a personal as well . Price is not a very good manager.

Wow, Curtis Partch! What a great move! Go Jocketty!! We have a rookie manager who should be simply a pitching coach. We have a guy batting fourth that should be at triple A. We have an all-star third baseman at first and an all-star catcher on the bench! Now answer me this, is our problem with the players or the man that makes out the lineup?

Kelch repeated what others have said – Ludwick good with guys on. Based on what? Men on in the 4th – nada.

Why don’t they rotate managers? They obviously don’t know what it is they’re looking for. Are these the Reds or the Bengals, or has it all blurred into one?!!

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