A break for Bruce

As you saw in the earlier lineup posting, Reds right fielder Jay Bruce is not in the lineup Monday vs. the Brewers. Bruce is hitless in his last 15 at-bats and was 0-for-11 with five strikeouts during the three-game series vs. the Yankees.

Donald Lutz started at first base while Skip Schumaker took right field and Ramon Santiago played second base.

Manager Bryan Price said Bruce was simply getting a day off.

“I think he had a tough series there in New York,” Price said. “I just think it’s a good opportunity to get Lutzy in there and to utilize our bench a little bit – which is tougher. We’ve got some young, inexperienced guys on our bench. We’re in contention but they have to be able to contribute as well. I think just the way things line up, Jay will be in there the next two games for sure and obviously, going back home. He’s our right fielder. He’s going to play almost every day. Today is one of those days he’s not.”


I’m probably reading into Price’s comments but it almost sounds like a message to Bruce to get his head straight or there will be more ‘off days’!

Hope so.

Bruce’s approach to the game is horrible, tremendous tools but a knuclehead

Price sounds like a Dusty quote machine. Bruce is where he should be , on the bench. He’s the most overrated hitter in the game.

Right on the spot right here. I’d rather have him in the lineup than a lot of the guys we had in yesterday, especially against the Brewers. When you struggle, it’s much better to hit it out, then sit it out. Horrible coaching move in a key first game of the series.

But he’s not the most overrated defensive outfielder. And the subs aren’t super, in the field or at the plate. What the Reds need is a lineup where if Bruce isn’t the solution, that doesn’t make him a problem. Ditto with Cozart.

Although Cozart struggles with the bat to hit .250, he has shown some improvement this season. But what separates Cozart from others is his incredible fielding.
Leading all of MLB in DWAR (Defensive Wins Above Replacement) obviously describes underlines his importance to the Reds. And, when Phillips returns, it is
very hard to find a stronger up-the-middle group of fielders on any other team in MLB
(Hamilton, Cozart and Phillips). I know from reading numerous articles on numerous blogs and sites that the Red’s pitchers love Cozart at SS. With that said, he needs to continue working on ‘bat contact’ as his speed is underutilized when hitting anything in the air.

One other point…the SS position’s ultimate value is in his fielding, not necessarily his hitting. We are just spoiled by the previous administration; Larkin. Additionally, there was another pretty good SS that hit .205 and .209 in his 2nd and 3rd full seasons (far less than any Cozart season) before finishing his career with a .267 overall batting average. His name…Concepcion.

Bruce is one of the streakiest hitters in the history of baseball. He season stats always look good but he only shows up red hot one or two months at best.

Play anyone at 1B eh?…
The Reds have committed 45 errors, fewest in MLB.
14 of those 45 errors have been committed by 1B (31%).
The Reds lead MLB in errors at 1B with 14.
The Astros have the second most errors, with 12.
The ML average is 7 errors at 1B.
Reds errors at 1B:
Joey Votto 7
Todd Frazier 3
Jay Bruce 2
Brayan Pena 1
Donald Lutz 1
As the great Sparky Anderson used to say: “Play a bench guy long enough and you will see why he’s a bench guy”.

They who live by the long ball, shall die by the long ball…
Reds have scored 8 runs since return from All-Star break, 6 on solo HR’s: 2 Pena, Heisey, Frazier, Hamilton, Negron.
Reds last 4 games: 8 runs, 39 K and 5 BB, 25 for 132 (.189), 1 for 28 w/RISP.
More hacking and swinging from the heels at anything thrown up there; back to
no discipline at the plate, no quality swings and no contact.

Red’s bright spot…
Hamilton is now outslugging Buster Posey, Curtis Granderson, David Wright, Yadier Molina, Pedro Alvarez, Matt Holliday, Jason Heyward, Ryan Howard, Mark Reynolds, Matt Carpenter, Allen Craig, Chase Headley…………………..

Defense, defense , defense. Bruce gets paid to drive in runs . His 0-4’s far out weigh the number of times he makes a great defensive play. Cozart is little different because he’s a shortstop with a lot more chances. Bruce plays a position that is supposed to be productive OFFENSIVELY . AND HE IS NOT. plain and simple .

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