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One thing I like about my job is you never know what’s going to happen when you get to work. Crazy plays — both good and bad — can happen and some are crazier than others. How the Reds wound up on the losing end of a 3-2 walk-off defeat to the Yankees certainly qualified.

Read all about how a Brian McCann pop up behind first base ended up going for the game-ending RBI single on MLB.com/Reds.com. All the quotes are there from Bryan Price, Jay Bruce and Todd Frazier.

Here are some extra quotes from both clubhouse:

“We just have to play better. That’s the bottom line. We have to forget about these losses, get it going and play better. There is no other way to think about or figure it out. We have to be better than we have been.” — Bruce

“Any way to lose is tough. You don’t want to be the goat but sometimes it happens. We got into a situation. You’ve got to make the play.” — Frazier

“I think he can be a little more pitch efficient. Sometimes when you have a little bit more room in the zone, you’re obviously are going to be in better counts and have quicker outs. [But] you still have to manage a game with a tighter strike zone. He can live in the strike zone. He’s not a guy that needs an expanded plate or a generous strike zone.” — Price on Cueto, who had 112 pitches over five innings.

“It’s not everyday you see someone throw 102. You just try to put a good at bat together, hopefully put something hard into play and fortunately I fouled some pitches to get a pitch I could hit.” Yankees CF Jacoby Ellsbury, who went 4-for-4. His single off Aroldis Chapman in the ninth set up the winning run.

“I was surprised because it was up and in. It was a bad pitch for me. It would have been ball four but I don’t know how he hit it. I think he just guessed and he’s obviously a good hitter but he guessed on that pitch because that was up and in he just caught barrel and hit it over wall.” — Yankees reliever Dellin Betances on giving up the game-tying homer to Frazier in the eighth inning.


Either make a move ASAP to add a bat or two or look to trade to reload for the future. Doing nothing won’t work this year and we are all tired of the excuses! We’re not going to make the playoffs as currently constructed. If the Reds feel they have a chance to make the playoffs and make a run this year make a trade to add the bat(s) needed and maybe a left handed relieve now … you can’t wait much longer or we’ll be too far back.. Otherwise field offers for everyone whose contract is expensive and / or about to run out. The player has to be worth something to get something worthwhile. So that’s Cueto, Latos, Leake, Broxton, Chapman, Bruce. No one will take Bailey, Votto or BP … no one wants their contracts … especially since 2 of the 3 are hurt. Trade any or all of those players only if you get a great offer … otherwise pass. I wouldn’t trade Hamilton, Mesoraco and probably not Frazier.

Walt sure doesn’t sound needy does he? Are we running out of dead Cardinals or something? Oh well, the dead Cardinals already on the team will propel us to glorious heights I’m sure.

Jay Bruce needs to go ! A . 230 stubborn hitter at the 4 spot sucks. Why does Price continue to put him there? Mesoraco is your 4 hole. Oh, that’s right. he only plays 3-4 games out of 5 ‘ because Johnny needs a personal catcher ! Oh, that’ right , he’s only hitting .280 and second on the team in HR’s and RBI. Price isn’t very good.

Playing people out of position is killing us, Frazier is an all star third baseman and has to move to first, price is ruining the team with his constant changes. Mesoracco needs to catch and play. Jocketty is stubborn and stupid for being idle. Hoover should be gone. Our chance to get in playoffs is this year with couple moves . Thought Price would demand accountability, our base running and lack of discipline is killing us as well.

Tired of hearing “when Philips and Votto are back”. The old Votto will never be back, only a 70% replica of what he used to be. Last year Philips never came back after getting hit in the wrist. He won’t be back from a torn ligament in his thumb either. Reality is the Reds have no money available for a big bat or top lh reliever, thanks to the ridiculous contracts for Votto, Philips, Bruce, and Bailey. It seems to me that what you see is what you get. I’m still hopeful, GO REDS.

I saw a team in New York that was intimidated– by the City, stadium, pin stripes, and their own attitude. Why this team gets on the cusp of taking over the division and then drops back time and again speaks to poor attitude and leadership. There is no spark—Bruce drops a fly ball, Santiago boots an infield practice-like ball, three guys stand and watch a ball fall within feet of them all, Schumaker gets picked off, Price continues to use Hoover (doubt if even Pensacola could use him), Bruce in clean-up goes 0 for, everybody swings at the first pitch not making the opposing pitcher work. It’s getting harder and harder to watch. What is going on ?

Excerpt from CSNPhilly.com…dated July 19th…
Byrd is coveted by teams looking for a right-handed power bat. Seattle and Cincinnati fit that description. Byrd has a no-trade clause to Seattle so he’d likely want his $8 million option for 2016 guaranteed to go there. Byrd’s 2015 salary is already guaranteed at $8 million.
Cincinnati is not on Byrd’s no-trade list and the Reds do have interest in him. Sources say they also have interest in lefty reliever Bastardo. The Reds have scouted the Phillies recently.

I see the Giants just signed Dan Uggla to a minor league contract…I guess Jocketty still thinking about it…We need a GM… Oh wait we have one who fired the manager who took us to playoffs 3 of the last 4 years…brilliant…

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