Jocketty: Reds looking for a bat

We’re in the midst of a “hot stove” like season within a baseball season. Between now and the non-waivers Trade Deadline on July 31, there will be trades around the league(some have already happened), but the rumors about potential trades will far outnumber any actual deals made.

Reds general manager Walt Jocketty has several of his inner-circle of baseball operations people on the road with him. Jocketty is eyeing some additions.

“I’d like to add a bat,” Jocketty said on Sunday. “We just haven’t found anything that attracts us yet. It may not happen before the 31st.”

A deal of course can still happen after the deadline. Players have to clear waivers though and can be blocked. There haven’t been a ton of activity yet on the Reds front.

“We’ve had a few discussions with clubs but it’s been relatively quiet,” Jocketty said. “It’s a little surprising.”

If the Reds acquire a bat, the preference would be for the player to play multiple positions.

“That would be better because eventually we’re going to get Joey [Votto] and Brandon [Phillips] back so you don’t want to limit yourself if you can,” Jocketty said.

As for one player out there who doesn’t require a trade, recently released Braves 2B Dan Uggla, Jocketty did not rule it out of hand.

“We haven’t discussed it yet,” he said. “I haven’t talked to our scouts who saw him. We’re going to meet tomorrow and go over some stuff.”

I’ll have a little more later on


The Reds move on trades or free agent signings like a Turtle going up a hill backwards. Remember a guy named Nelson Cruz? What else is their to talk about. Oh yes, one more thing, why is J J Hoover still on this roster? That confirms my point.

No way Baltimore is going to deal Cruz. If the Reds are smart, they will pass on Uggla. Why would you want a player that can’t field or hit? There is a reason the Braves dropped him. That reason is, he is washed up.

Agreed. The guy has lost the ability to hit; last season and this season.

Maybe Walt Jocketty can get us some more ex Cardinals that can’t run the bases or field their position like Skip Shoemaker… Why don’t we go after Ken O’Berkfell…

What was the reason Brian Price chose Mike (the human batting tee) Leake to start the 2nd half? Was it his plan to make sure Cueto doesn’t pitch in Milwaukee? DOH! I think the Reds need to trade Tony Cingrani and Ryan Dudwick for Josh Willingham. Dudwick’s career is over. But I won’t be wasting time waiting on WJ to make any deals at all, unless he can talk Stan Musial into a comeback! Other than that it looks like Todd Frazier is the only player on this team who cares about winning! There I got that off my chest.

Cueto was moved to the back of the lineup at the break because Cueto has pitched more innings at this point than ever before (143.2IP). Price views his durability over the entire season as questionable and wants to keep the IP as low as possible, yet continue to make Cueto as effective as possible.

Outstanding point on Cueto missing the Brewers. Now ,that’s the type of question Marty should ask Mr. Price on the next pre game show instead of all those softballs he throws at him.

I forgot to mention. Price isn’t very good.

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