Game 98: Reds at Yankees

Roster move: Skip Schumaker activated from the concussion DL. Neftali Soto was optioned to Triple-A Louisville.

Hamilton 8
Schumaker 4
Frazier 3
Bruce 9
Ludwick DH
Pena 2
Heisey 7
Cozart 6
Santiago 5
Cueto 1


Here we go again with no Mesoraco and a personal catcher for Johnny ! And to top it off , that hitting machine Ludwick as the DH . I think the next move is to put Hoover in the starting rotation . God forbid any of the starters pitching more than 150 innings. Price is not very good.

Pathetic way to lose a game today. Brian Price needs to quit playing people at different positions everyday…looks like we’ve got another Bob Boone on our hands…What’s Walt Jocketty doing????? Get us some players…I know you’re thinking about Red Schoendist…I think we’ve all had our fill of ex-Cardinals who can’t play…

You have the winning run at 3rd, why is BRUCE not playing shallower?? I heard on the radio he had to run hard in on a shallow pop. and NOBODY took charge to catch it … ZERO excuses. Price better have slammed the clubhouse door and ream out this team. The All-star break is over. they played in New York like they hadn’t played in weeks!!! Walt needs to do something.. standing on your hands and napping wont cut it!!.. our window to Win is closing quickly.. better make a move to quit wasting our very good starting pitching!!! GRRRRR.. they better look like the team that played before the All-Star break in Milwaukee!! Bruce needs to step it up and quit trying to pull everything like Adam Dunn!! Wasting many opportunities.. Heck the other team plays the shift and he still pulls outside pitches.. you would think he would practice in BP hitting outside pitches the other way.. oh i forgot, he doesnt care.

Tough series for Reds…
Reds scored 6 runs in all 3 games, a BA of .198 w/ 31 SO and only 3 BB
Reds hit 4 solo HR’s (Pena 2-Heisey-Frazier)
Reds were 1 for 21 w/RISP
Yankees stole 6 bases in series

If you saw the play and/or reviewed it on MLB replay, the problem was not
Bruce, but it was Frazier’s ball. The ball fell 10′ off the infield dirt; Frazier ran
back 15′, then looked up and the ball dropped in front of him. Merely another play that eludes Frazier as he is playing out of position; he’s not a lst baseman, nor is Bruce. There are a number of nuances that a lst baseman has to learn/make that a 3rd baseman or right fielder do not. This time it cost us the game. Pena appears the most adept at lst base, but he was catching Cueto, while Mesoraco’s bat never moved from the rack.
Another swapping of the lineup; most obviously because Price’s star pitcher was throwing and he thought he could get away with a few wholesale changes, regardless of their abilities at their positions. Frazier and Bruce have no business playing lst base. Santiago at 3rd made an error on a routine ground ball.
Price has been mentally branded with Baker’s wholesale changes in the lineup and field, whereby everyone needs to play, much like what a manager desires and subscribes to at an all-star game. Well, it may well work for keeping players fresh, however being fresh in October without a dance to go to isn’t my idea of a results oriented manager.

“I went for it and kind of got turned around,” Frazier said. “The wind kind of brought it back a little. It’s just one of those things. I thought I was under it and I wasn’t. By the time the ball was coming down, it was already too late.
“Should have caught it.”
“If you can catch it, it’s your ball,” Frazier said. “I think I was the closest one there. I thought it was crushed at first. I went back. No excuse.”

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